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What Is Skill-Lync and How Can it Help in Your Career?

Do you want to know what Skill-Lync is? If yes! Read the content below and get the answer!

Skill-Lync is an engineer’s platform that provides several courses you can access and learn to enhance your abilities and expertise. Skill-Lync is very purposeful in providing you with a convenient learning environment. Unlike other platforms, Skill-Lync tries to clear your confusion as quickly as possible so that you can take advantage of essential parts of the course.

The courses can be taken online to help teach utilizable skills and provide expertise to students. Skill-lync’s programs ensure that every engineer will reach their dream career and have been calibrated over the last three years.

A Support Engineer will be allocated to you once you enroll in a Skill-Lync course. The assigned Support Engineer will prepare the weekly study plan and record your performance in the course.

The projects undertaken at engineering firms from around the globe are similar to those you work on during your coursework at Skill-Lync, the only difference being their scope.

Depending on your course, Skill-Lync will also deliver you several weekly videos. You can watch these videos and learn correctly, as they will assist you in completing assignments and projects. These videos are a great source to learn the area of your passion and interest closely.

The courses offered at Skill -Lync is formed by engineers with contributions from top academic members and designed by industry experts.

How can Skill-Lync help you in your career?

Skill-Lync learners evolve and rigorously train themselves in engineering expertise, allowing them to show valuable results from the first day. A comprehensive training program that factors in various engineering domains’ present and future requirements.

Skill-Lync started as a dream from two engineers who wanted to reduce the gap between the academic community and industry. 

Skill-Lync will also assign you industry-centric projects to acknowledge you with practical experiences and aims for their students to be good in their courses and show growth at their jobs. Students will also undergo extensive mock interviews to ensure they will face any interview they attend.

After completing the course, every student starts training with Skill-Lync placement support. The team in the placement support panel will help you build your resume. They will rectify and edit them so that only the relevant skills that help you get employed are mentioned.

Through continuous updates on the engineering sector, Skill-Lync has become thorough with the engineering requirements of business across domains and manipulated them to design courses that could help engineers for jobs that will be accessible in the future.


Skill-Lync is focused on helping students develop the all-important skills they may not receive from formal classroom training. The Pandemic made us realize that the classroom teaching-learning method is also a great way of acquiring knowledge. Online classes have taken a significant place since the onset of the lockdown during the pandemic and have made learning a comfortable experience.





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