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Guide 101 to an effortless head shave

A bald hairstyle is one common hairstyle of all time that can be donned by anyone. Whether it’s a style choice, a medical condition, or genetic formation, head shaving is a viable option in all these cases. You don’t have to have a specific hair type or have to visit a professional salon for getting a clean bald hairstyle. It’s something that you can do all by yourself and still manage to look absolutely groomed and presentable. A mens head shaver along with basic head-shaving essentials is all you need for an effortless shave. In addition to this, knowing how to make use of these head-shaving tools is important too. 

Why a head-shaving regime is important? 

Anything done routinely in a particular way increases the efficiency of the task done. It is the same in the case of head shaving as well. Setting an ideal head-shaving regime will not only make you look good and presentable but also be efficient at it. Head shaving can be tricky, especially for those who have just gone bald. Since it’s quite different from other shaving types, it requires appropriate tools and techniques. A lack of these can have you struggling with frequent razor burns and bruises. Hence, when you follow a proper head shaving routine on a regular basis, you can ensure a smooth and close head shave in no time. 

Importance of using the right shaving tools 

As discussed before, a head shave is fairly different from shaving other parts of the body. Owing to the dome-like head structure and uneven surface, the bald head razor should have a flexible head and sharp blades to facilitate a smooth glide. Manual razors have been used for many years now; however, they do not guarantee a smooth and cut-free shave. Since these razors have a rigid head, they can’t perform well across the contours of the head thus requiring repetitive glides. Also, these traditional razor blades are raw that can cause deep cuts if used without applying appropriate shaving lather. 

During a head shave, you might come across plenty of blind spots and difficult-to-reach areas that can make head shaving a hectic task. Hence, using a modern electric head shaver is the best resolve. These head shavers are ergonomically designed that are easy to use and facilitate both wet & dry shaves. Ideal for people with sensitive skin, using these head shavers gives a close and irritation-free head shave instantly. 

Head Shaving: The complete process 

A head-shaving regime can be divided into three phases i.e. pre-shaving, shaving, and post-shaving. While a head-shaving routine can be invariably different for one individual to another, certain essential steps remain constant for all. Just like a bald head razor is necessary for shaving your head, ensuring the pre-shave and aftershave care is important too. To break it down for you, here are the basic things involved in each phase of the head-shaving process: 

  • Pre-shave: As the name suggests, this phase involves everything that you do before the head shaving. It is a preparatory phase where you smoothen the scalp surface and make it ready for a shave. These preparations include cleansing, exfoliating, and trimming the tiny hair strands before the razor glide. Using a pre-shave oil right before shaving helps in forming a protective layer between the skin and razor blade thus reducing the chances of a razor burn. 
  • Shaving: This is the main step where you actually need to grab a mens head shaver and get done with head shaving. Using a proper head shaver and techniques while shaving is crucial. Any negligence in this aspect can lead to an uneven head surface along with injuries. Ensure that your head razor is not blunt or rusted as it might lead to skin infections. Avoid shaving against the grain as it pushes the hair strands in opposite direction thus creating higher chances of bruises. It is best suggested to use modern electric head shavers that have a flexible head and come in handy for use. 
  • Post-shave: Post-shaving involves everything that you do after shaving your head surface. Since the skin is razored extensively, it is important to calm the skin surface by using adequate measures. This may include hot towel compressions, a quick shower, or applying an antiseptic lotion. The post-shave ritual can be customized as per personal preferences. However, it is best advised to apply some sort of oil or gel to combat the risks of infection or rashes. 

Bottom Line 

Head shaving is one of the best hairstyles in recent times owing to the varied benefits that follow. For instance, a shaved head is easy to maintain and requires minimum care and maintenance. All you need is a high-quality head shaver for men along with a few essentials for an effortless head shave. Follow a proper head-shaving regime and sport a bald look in style!



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