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How to make a beauty salon logo

One of the important areas in business development is the formation of a brand – a personal image of the company, a set of tools and a marketing strategy for business promotion. A recognizable and famous brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. According to surveys, 59% of consumers are fans of certain brands, follow their latest products and prefer their products when shopping.

This is especially important for small businesses that have to compete with big brands with some preferences such as  loyal customers and really big marketing budgets. That’s why you need to seize the opportunity to become recognizable as well – through your own robust brand building process. In particular, this includes naming and creating a stylish and intuitive logo.

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What is a logo

A logo is a personally designed graphic sign, special fonts for writing a company name, or a combination of both of them. Its purpose is to convey to potential customers the mission and goals of the company in a graphical form. It should not be too complicated, because it will have to be reproduced repeatedly – on printed promotional materials, on a sign, on all pages at social networks. The logo must be clearly associated with a particular trademark or brand – only in this case, all your marketing budget will be able to achieve its goal and attract customers.

The logo has several tasks, and each of them is very important for creating a positive image and even reputation of the company:

  • expression of the main activity;
  • fixation defining values;
  • formation of key characteristics of the brand;
  • basis for further development of the image.

Therefore, it is so important to create a thoughtful and high-quality logo, which in the future will be clearly associated with the company itself.

How to make a beauty salon logo

The main characteristic of a beauty salon as a business is high competition, so it is especially important to create a recognizable brand, one of the most important parts of which should be a stylish and original logo.

A brand name is not just a random image. With its help, it is necessary to immediately inform potential customers about the specialization of the company:

  • the popular use of stylized strands of hair will be relevant for a salon that provides only hairdressing services;
  • the price segment of services can be displayed through the use of a specific color scheme and font;
  • for universal salons, it is permissible to use abstract elements such as flowers, butterflies, face silhouettes – in this case, the main services can be emphasized with text;
  • the use of too long text should be avoided – it is worthwhile to formulate in advance the strongest aspects of the company and focus on them;

it is important to pay special attention not only to the shapes and text in the image, but also to its style – in particular, blurry shapes are unacceptable for beauty salons, smooth lines and a clear texture will be more relevant here.

The main rule for creating a really successful logo is to formulate in advance the message that it should carry to potential customers, to highlight and emphasize the strengths, the main advantages. It would be ideal to create your own WOW-point – your own zest, which will distinguish the salon from competitors, and focus on this particular service.

How to create a successful logo for a beauty salon

In order for the logo to really become a successful and effective reflection of the company’s activities, it is worth taking into account several basic principles:

  • do not overload the image;
  • consider how different parts fit together;
  • the logo should display exactly one, specific company.

And, of course, platitudes should be avoided – the logo should be original, sophisticated, stylish. This is the best and most professional beauty salon that can turn even a gray mouse into a princess, right?



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