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Twitter Announces Editing for Tweets

Twitter, the world’s leading micro-blogging platform recently announced that it would be providing users the ability to edit their Tweets after posting them.

This functionality will initially be available to Twitter Blue users with a possible roll out across the platform at a future date.

This editing functionality has been a long time coming and across the last decade or so, it has become a point of humour as well as it became the subject of many memes. 

Twitter Blue, for those not in the know, is the subscription only premium version of Twitter. Twitter Blue subscribers can enjoy a number of features including ad free articles, the ability to bookmark folders and custom app icons as well.

In addition, one of the biggest exclusive and premium benefits of Twitter Blue is that users can access a special Undo Tweet function. In essence, it is possible for Twitter users to now click on the Undo Tweet button and then edit their Tweet for typos or grammar and then resubmit.

The Undo Tweet actually delays the posting of a Tweet by upto 60 seconds and if users fail to click on Undo Tweet within that time frame then it is not possible to amend the Tweet.

Global Mega App

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has grown in leaps and bounds. As of 2012 there were some 100 million users posting around 330 million Tweets per day. By the year 2019, Twitter hosted 320 million active users on a monthly basis.

Today, Twitter is the platform of choice for celebrities, politicians and sports personalities. Using its 280 character limit it is possible for individuals from all backgrounds to share their thoughts, ideas, views and opinions with those who follow them.

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The new editing functionality will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers who are willing to pay for this exclusive and premium feature. 

Having created and registered a Twitter account, users can then begin to post Tweets about whatever they may want to share with their friends, family and followers.

Twitter has also proven to be a valuable platform for advertisers who can tap into the Twitter user base and target exactly those audiences that match their product, service or brand.

The success of Twitter has also inspired augmented reality design in terms of ensuring a fluid and seamless mobile app experience that drivers user interaction and engagement.

There is also a new breed of Twitter influencers who leverage their followers in order to connect brands with their fan base. If you are working on promoting a unique or niche product then Twitter might be just the platform for you. 

If you are selling cooking appliances, then by linking up with a commercial chef on Twitter, it would be possible for the individual to share on Twitter his recommendation of your product, and this in turn will drive increased sales and awareness of your product within your target market location.



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