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The legendary La Quinta del Buitre

There are many groups of footballers within football teams that receive a name of their own. Usually, the reason why such groups receive those nicknames is due to their incredible performances. The website is for sports betting in Kenya, and it allows its members to wager on the best football teams across the world.

One of the most legendary groups of players in Real Madrid’s history is known as La Quinta del Buitre. This is a Spanish expression that can be translated as the “Vulture’s Cohort”. This squad was the unquestionable king of Spanish football during the 1980s. The reason why this group of players was named as such was because their main star was Emilio Butragueño. The former striker was known as “El Buitre” or “The Vulture”. A fantastic website for sports betting in Kenya is 1xBet, and among other features, it has all matches of Real Madrid.

The other members

Of course, Butragueño was not alone in his cohort. There were other players that were the core of that mythical Real Madrid squad. These names can be considered as some of the best Spanish footballers ever. The excellent 1xBet live stream is available now, and it can be used to watch the highly entertaining Spanish League. These legendary Real Madrid players were:

  • Sanchís;
  • Rafael Martín Vázquez;
  • Míchel;
  • and Miguel Pardeza.

It should be mentioned that these players started to be noticed early in their careers. In fact, the group was named as such when they weren’t even part of the senior team. However, they already promised brilliant football, as they were dominating Spanish youth football with Real Madrid Castilla. The fantastic live stream of 1xBet is available now, and it can be used to watch the best matches of Real Madrid and its subsidiaries.

The Cohort’s consolidation

The group exceeded expectations when they were promoted to the senior team. They guided Real Madrid to lots of titles during the 1980s. Some of the titles won by the team during the decade were two editions of the UEFA Cup, and even five consecutive Spanish La Liga titles. Punters can bookmaker 1xBet download application, and wager on these tournaments from their smartphones and tablets.

Luis Suárez, who was the coach of the Spanish national team at the time, decided to keep the cohort as the core of his own squad. This was attempted for the 1990 FIFA World Cup. This also clearly shows how important this group of players led by Emilio Butragueño was for Spanish football as a whole.

Unfortunately, La Quinta del Buitre was unable to repeat the same feats on the national squad. They were eliminated in the round of 16 in the aforementioned FIFA World Cup. The application of the 1xBet bookmaker can be downloaded now to bet on those tournaments.




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