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Your Complete Guide to Group Travel

Planning a trip can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful, especially when traveling with multiple people, since you must accommodate the needs and wants of many individuals.

 Travel should be as pleasurable and stress-free as possible, and with the help of things like budgeting, itineraries, and group discounts, it can be.

 Keep reading for a complete guide to group travel that will streamline the planning process and make the trip enjoyable for all attendees.

Appoint a Group Leader

Planning an event with multiple people is always easier when you have a leader, which is why the group should collectively appoint a person for the position.

The main travel planner should be an individual with time to dedicate to the task and knowledge of how to plan a trip.

Alternatively, you may hire a travel agent (their services are usually free).

Work With Everyone’s Budget

Everyone has a different financial situation; therefore, their travel budgets may be grossly different. 

Assumingly, each person will pay their own way, and you wouldn’t want the trip to hurt them financially or be forced to stay behind on the more costly outings.

To accommodate the spending limits of all attendees, discuss budgets and plan the trip accordingly.

Ask For Group Member Suggestions

Depending on where you go and why, there will likely be many places the group would like to visit and lodge.

Each group member might have their own ideas of what to do while away, and it is important their wants are acknowledged and included as much as possible.

While planning the trip, ask group members for activity suggestions and try to incorporate them into the itinerary.

Seek Group Discounts

Many businesses, like hotels, restaurants, airlines, charter buses, and activities, offer discounts on group bookings.

For example, most amusement parks will provide bulk pricing on admission tickets, and hotels will do the same for accommodations. 

Group discounts on travel fares and lodging are more common for corporate travelers, but they may still be available for friends and family; all you have to do is ask.

Group Lodging

Having your group lodge together is a great way to save money, stay on schedule, and have a better bonding experience while away.

 Consider renting an air BnB, cabin, or hotel with conjoining rooms. Booking multiple separate conjoining hotel rooms are perfect for business travelers or families that would like to spend time together while still having their own space. 

 You will likely find accommodations with conjoining rooms at business hotels since it makes teamwork more manageable. Don’t worry, business hotels are available to the public, not only corporate travelers.

Use Rewards Programs

Whether traveling in a group or alone, you should take advantage of the rewards programs available.

Hotels and airlines will give you points or “miles” for each reservation made which accumulate over time and can later be redeemed for free merchandise, flights, hotel rooms, meals, and more.

You can only imagine how many points can be collected through a group trip if you book all reservations through the same accounts.

Share Updates and Event Information

The group leader should make it a point to keep everyone in the loop regarding travel updates and event information. 

Consider creating a private group on Facebook or a group text chain where travel information can be given to the attendees.

Some information that might be shared with everyone includes cancellations or rebookings, weather forecasts, and the itinerary. These group pages or text chains are also great places to get everyone excited about the trip with pictures of the destination and attractions.

Create an Itinerary

An itinerary is essential for group travel because it ensures everyone knows what they’re doing and when. 

Your itinerary will include times for things like transportation and hotel check-ins, events or attractions, and meals.

It’s also important that you don’t overschedule your itinerary; otherwise, there may not be time for relaxation or the opportunity for others to venture out on their own.

Combine Expenses

Travel expenses add up quickly, but you can limit spending by combining expenses when possible.

 Instead of having each attendee rent their own inner-city transportation car, consider carpooling a group van.

 Catering meals is another way to save money. Catering may sound expensive, but it can save the group anywhere from %10-%50 on their meals. Ordering meals like pizza to the hotel room is another excellent option because coupons will surely be available, and it saves time and money on transportation.




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