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How Business Broadband Outperforms Home Broadband?


In case you work from home or own a small business, you must know how important a reliable and fast internet connection is. While many of you may be tempted to use your home broadband for business purposes, this may not be a good idea. 

Opting for a reliable connection is crucial to keep your business tasks and operations smooth and functional. You can opt for a reliable connection only if you do your research to choose the best internet service provider in your city and locality. For instance, suppose your business is based in Mumbai, thus, to search for the best internet service provider in Mumbai, you must thoroughly research all the available solutions in your location and then accordingly zero on the most trustworthy and preferable one. 

While business broadband is more costly than home broadband solutions, it is a price worth paying. The solution comes with considerably more benefits that match your business needs – control over network protocols, latency, security, and reliability, to state a few. 

Here in this guide, explained are reasons why business broadband connection beats home broadband connections. 


While huge enterprises choose internet leased connections owing to its provision of various benefits over business broadband solutions, few mid and small businesses choose not to as they consider home broadband an effective solution to mitigate their requirements with ease. 

However, one consideration is that using the home broadband connection for the office may mean you will not be able to properly split personal and official internet usage, resulting in network congestion. By having a separate business broadband connection, you are completely assured that the bandwidth is totally for business purposes. 


Business broadbands that are supported by the software-defined network (SDN) with NFV (network functions virtualization) can be upgraded or downgraded on demand. Moreover, in the essence, you can simply scale up your internet speed without witnessing long lead times. This is not possible with a home broadband connection.  

Add on features

Businesses have distinct requirements. Few might need additional features like static IP addresses, backup lines, cyber security, guest WIFI, etc. Such add-ons are only possible in the case of a business broadband connection. 

Customer support

While you are working, internet service disruptions are not just a nuisance, they also can disrupt productivity. By opting for business broadband, you can gain 24X7 technical support. 

Static IP address

If you opt for home broadband, you get a dynamic IP address that constantly changes. However, with business broadband, the IP address is static and solely dedicated to your business. 

Internet security

Business broadband connection has a higher security level. The security level is important for businesses because of its confidential data. Also, if you are managing private info for your customers, a data breach can be disastrous to not just your customers but also your business reputation, which is the reason why security is essential. 

Enhancement of business broadband packages can be done with fire security software, anti-spyware, and antivirus that protects you as well as your client from cybercriminals.


Based on the size of your business, a standard router provided on residential broadband might not be sufficient. The fact is that business routers are extremely superior to home broadband routers. They cover huge areas, are powerful and feature in-built security. 

If your organization operates on multiple devices or the business occupies multi storey premises, the home broadband router may not help much. In such cases, you must opt for a business broadband connection.  


Considering the benefits, you get on business broadband; it is not surprising that their packages are generally more costly than a home broadband connection. This said, as small and medium-sized companies are dependent on an internet connection, they wouldn’t want to tighten their budget here. Opting for a preferable business broadband connection is something that pays off over the long term. 



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