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Learn to predict poker hand winning percentage, using these poker hand calculators.

The game poker originated in North America and is now famous worldwide. This is a card game which is played in various forms across the globe. The playing cards are called hands in this game where each hand has a rank which is compared against the rank of other hands. The player may raise the bet or concede the bet as well according to the hand percentage. This is money earning game where the person has to bet and then if he wins, he gets the money. 

A very thoughtful game that needs a lot of calculation as well which takes time. in this game, the probability is of each 5 card hand which can be computed by calculating the proportion of the hands among all possibilities. That is why the player should know how to calculate the winning percentage while playing for security. The game has some similarity to the Getmega gaming app as both help you earn money with some use of your brain.

In all the mind games where you don’t have much time to calculate the winning percentage, the player should learn how to calculate the winning percentage easily and effectively. A poker hand calculator is the one thing that the player needs to learn to calculate the poker hand winning percentage fast.

There are so many poker hand calculator apps that are used to learn to predict the winning percentage.

  • Getmega poker odds calculator.
  • Cardschat’s poker hands calculator
  • Poker cruncher
  • Poker calculator
  • Fast poker odds
  • Poker easy odds etc.

The steps to calculate the winning percentage using these apps  are as follows

  1. Just after opening the poker hand calculator, select your variation of the poker at the top.
  2. Select the cards that you have and then they will appear in your hand.
  3. Choose the cards of all the other competitors that you have.
  4. Select your cards alternatively and hit ‘randomize cards’ to randomly fill all the opponent’s hands.
  5. Once the cards have been processed, you can click on the centre card to deal with the flop, river and turn.
  6. After dealing with the cards, the overall odds will be calculated and will continue to do so.

If you are a professional poker player then it s important to review poker hands and be aware of the equity calculations. And if you want to become a professional player, you should have command over the poker hand calculator to increase the chances of winning the same. These calculators will also enable you to understand if you should bet high or not bet at all.


  • As it is a preferred tool for all the poker players you should know why it is used to this extent. It is software that lets you simulate the scenario that you might see at a poker table.
  • Each poker player faces a different type of issue to decide on the table and a poker hand calculator will help you to analyze if your instincts are right or wrong.
  • It is an easy app just like Getmega where you can easily get your hands checked and it also helps increase the winning percentage.
  • There are tremendous games inside the name poker. You just need to get the app which goes with your game and your style of playing. There are so many apps to calculate poker odds that you can opt for, like, poker equity calculator, poker probability calculator, etc


There is a very limited range of tools that may help you with gaming apps. As there is a lot of math involved in poker and rummy games these poker hand calculators will help analyze the outcome. And if you know the percentage of your winning then you can easily manipulate the other player at the table. Bluffing is one such thing that manipulates the other player. This is a tool that is created to provide much-needed assistance during a spirited game.


Poker is a game which is entertaining as well as makes you money. With so many applications where you can play and earn like the Getmega gaming app which is also a card game and that is why it helps you calculate the hands in poker as well. If you want to be a professional poker player, some apps may help you achieve your dream. No one becomes a professional in just a day. Practice and dedication are all needed to become a professional even if it is a game. My 11 Circle Online is another popular Indian fantasy sports platform. It is a fan-favourite for fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, and many more games. It seamlessly combines the worlds of gaming and cash rewards to create a truly exciting experience.

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