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How Much Do Most Nursing Homes Cost A Month?

It is hard to think about your loved ones staying away from you, mostly in times when nursing homes have become more expensive than before.

If you are thinking about the costs a nursing home will charge you a month, then here is a fruit for your thought “they do provide better care and better nutrition for their house guests.”

A nursing home is a nurturing environment for those who are isolated and unable to care for themselves. Times change when people around us grow up and start to live a life. No matter how much you want to be available for someone, it is usually impossible. Do check out free hospice care near me.

A Nursing Home

Such a decision is always difficult. But in some instances letting professional help take care of your loved ones is the best option.

When people think about the nursing home, they assume it to be a medical facility packed with doctors. But it is the opposite. A nursing home is a home-like facility for those elderly who cannot take care of themselves.

An Estimated Guess On costs

No one is arguing that the costs for all nursing homes have increased in past years. But again, no one can argue that the benchmark of care and nursing has also become higher than ever. It is not just about nursing homes, but if you come to think of it, the cost of living has increased because every person demands to have the best.

It is a fair question to ask yourself, can you provide your elderly loved one with the care and attention they deserve? Because if the answer is no that does not imply bad human behavior. Rather it is being practical and making the right choices.

In 2021 the estimated cost for a semi-private room at a nursing home was around $7,908. Similarly, for a private room, the cost is $9,034.

This cost includes their care, nutrition, individual attention, and the security required for their safety. If these costs are manageable for someone, then opting for a nursing home should be on your priority list.

States to choose From

There are many reasons for one to choose a nursing home, but the financial burden is one of them. For this reason, here is a list of states that provides excellent care at a fair cost. While Arkansas is the most expensive in nursing home rooms, you can surely find one suitable to your budget.

a.     Nursing home costs in Georgia

The estimated cost per state varies, and so does Georgia, where a semi-private room will be available for $7,011. For a private room with more privacy and space, the charges are $7,604.

b.    Nursing home costs in Florida

Florida is known for its warm summer weather; its health care is also top-notch. Provided professional nursing facility. A semi-private room in Florida will cost you around $8,654; similarly, if you desire a private room, that will cost you $9,627.

c.     Nursing home costs in Illinois

Nursing home charges vary depending on the location and the amenities; In Illinois, you can find an amazing nursing home with a semi-private room for $6,266. While for a private room, the charges are $7,156.

d.    Nursing home costs in Carolina

Providing proper care and assistance for the elderly of a state is the duty of every nursing home. With the dedicated nursing facility, a nursing home in Carolina will cost around $7,483 to $8,213.

e.     Nursing home costs in Ohio

In Ohio, you can find a decent nursing home at a reasonable monthly cost. The cost for a semi-private is $7,300, while for a private room, the cost is a little higher, $8,213.

f.      Nursing home costs in Kansa

With amazing care, Kansas has amazing nursing homes for all the elderly and those who need assistance with daily chores. The semi-private room in Kansas is available for $5,414, and a private room costs $5,865.

g.     Nursing home costs in Utah

Utah also provides potential nursing homes for its elderly residents. Their care and nursing are according to the set benchmark. The cost for their rooms starts at $6,003.

h.    Nursing home costs in Texas

While the state is one of the biggest and has many residents, Texas provides amazing care even in this time of excessive inflation. The cost for a semi-private room is $4,789, and that for a private room is $$6,540.

i.      Nursing home costs in Missouri

Missouri is also included on the list of reasonable costs for nursing homes. Their semi-private rooms cost around $5,019. The private room, on the other hand, costs $5,543.

j.      Nursing home costs in Alabama

Alabama has some amazing nursing homes with the nicest nursing staff; their semi-private rooms start at $6,279. At the same time, their private rooms cost a little higher at $6,661.

Among all the given options of nursing home costs by state, Oklahoma has shown to be the most financially reliable in terms of nursing homes. Their rooms cost a little lower than in Texas.

Why Is Nursing Home Expensive?

It is not about the living space that each house guest is provided. A nursing home makes sure every house guest is provided with the required care that they need.

Apart from that, the nursing facility maintains a healthy environment where all the house guests mutually participate and help them overcome their isolation.

The nursing home takes responsibility for human life, provides nutritious meals and medications, and helps maintain a normal social cycle, elderly engagement, and security.

If you think to yourself I can achieve all of that for my elderly loved one, then ask yourself this. Are you a professional nurse? Do you have the skills and stamina to devote all of your time to that specific person?

If not, then a nursing home is your best option. Other than providing an emotional shoulder to all house guests, the cost covers everything that an elderly person requires.

Most of the people admitted to the home are not in a good state, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even Parkinson’s. The cost that you will be paying for a month will ensure a healthy and comfortable life.


There is never a fixed figure for taking care of human life. Every state makes it its duty to provide nursing homes for those who need help with caring for their loved ones.

The nursing homes’ costs for the year 2021 have been estimated to be $7,908 for a semi-private room and $9,034 for a private room.




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