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4 of the Most Common Grounds for Divorce

These days, there are just so many things that can go wrong in a marriage. It seems to be a much different world than it ever was before. 50% of marriages end in divorce now. It’s an unfortunate occurrence and just a common thing nowadays. Sometimes there’s just no way around it any way you look at it. And since it’s becoming more common, that means if you were a child that came from divorced parents, you are more likely to also end up divorced unfortunately. The reasons do vary from state-to-state but are close to the same. The 4 most common grounds for divorce are as follows: domestic violence, cheating or adultery, no-fault divorce, and desertion.

Domestic Violence

The sad truth is that domestic violence has become such a common occurrence that more than 12 million men and women will suffer from some kind of domestic violence in one full year. Obviously domestic violence is a major reason for divorce. Some people even struggle leaving this type of relationship because there has become a trauma bond formed over time. A trauma bond is when the abused feels so helpless without the abuser so they feel obligated to stay and they end up staying much longer than they should. Domestic violence is always a reason to get divorced and there is no way around it.

Cheating or Adultery

Sadly, cheating and adultery have also become widely accepted. It’s not always black and white and purely seen as grounds for divorce, but it’s a pretty easy reason for the topic of divorce to become relevant at some point. Yes, there are reasons to decide to stay, but beware of possibly being manipulated into staying. It is common for the victim of the cheating to decide to stay because the one cheating has coerced you into staying. Just be cautious and aware.

No-Fault Divorce

No-fault divorce is exactly what it sounds like. No one is blaming or taking blame for the divorce, but there are just plainly irreconcilable differences between the two that cannot be amended. This is probably a situation where the couple has tried counseling together, tried working together but it just doesn’t seem to ever get better. So in this situation, they have just chosen to go their different ways. Sometimes, this is a much cleaner situation and things go smoothly, and sometimes it can become messy if that’s how the marriage generally was throughout. Either way, it’s still a very difficult situation in which you might find yourself.


Desertion stings. Especially if it seems that the marriage is going well and there is nothing out of the ordinary that seems to be spiraling out of control. And then suddenly you find yourself having been deserted. It’s a sad truth that so many people have to face every day. This is clearly grounds for divorce especially if the one deserting has no intentions of returning. If you have found yourself in any of these situations then the sad truth is that you probably need to be in search of a divorce lawyer in Toledo.




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