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The most goals scored in an international match by a single player

Archie Thompson is a former Australian international footballer who played professionally between 1995 and 2020. The website also features wagering possibilities on the best that Australian football can offer.

The player was also part of the Australian national team between 2001 and 2013. During those years, he scored 28 goals in a total of 54 matches. Those numbers are actually quite good. On average, the player scored a bit more than 0.5 goals per game. The 1xBet website is the best place to start placing wagers on the most prolific football goalscorers.

A fantastic record

Scoring a single goal in an international football match is already a great feat. Scoring two is even better. Scoring a hat-trick is definitely a memorable occurrence. You can 1xBet download iOS to smartphone, and start wagering on the best international football matches.

What about scoring 13 goals in a single international game? That’s exactly what Archie Thompson achieved on the 11th of April 2001. On that day, Australia and American Samoa were playing the qualifiers for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

A victory of the Australian team seemed the obvious outcome. However, nobody really expected the records that would be broken on that day. It is possible to download the 1xBet app to iOS smartphones, and wager on all matches of the Australian national team.

A completely one-sided match

In that match, Australia won 31-0, which is also a record of the highest score ever obtained in an international football match. Another record was broken on that day. It turns out Thompson’s teammate David Zdrilic scored eight goals in that contest. This gave him the record of the second-highest goalscorer in a single international football match. When visiting 1xBet – what is live betting can be easily understood, and punters can start wagering on these high scoring events.

The remaining 10 goals were scored by:

  • Aurelio Vidmar;
  • Tony Popovic;
  • Simon Colosimo;
  • Fausto De Amicis;
  • and Con Boutsianis.

However, the Australians weren’t completely happy about this outcome. Not because they wanted more goals, on the contrary. Many players, coaches and commentators expressed their concerns regarding the competitiveness of the Oceania qualifiers. The result of this match was one of the main reasons why a few years later Australia moved to the Asian qualifiers. Understanding what is live betting on the 1xBet website is really simple, and punters will quickly discover excellent chances of them.



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