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6 Simple But Impactful Way To Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a term that describes the extent to which your business is recognized by consumers. It also shows the level of success of the sales promotion.

Promotional strategies to increase brand awareness are important for all types of businesses. This can influence potential consumers to buy your products or hire your company services. Brand awareness has a role as a measurement tool for the performance of a business. Strategy to increase brand awareness can also make consumers continue to be consistent in buying the products or services your company offers.

Most companies will invest every year to improve its image through a brand awareness strategy. Various marketing steps will be carried out by the company to maintain the level of brand awareness, as follows:

  • Brand recognition or aided recall is the ability of consumers to recognize a brand when they see it.
  • Brand recall or unaided recall refers to the consumer’s ability to remember the brand name based on the product being marketed. At this level, consumers only need to hear the category or glance at it to remember the product brand they need.
  • Top-of-mind awareness refers to a particular brand or product that first comes to mind when a consumer crosses a certain industry or category.

What Are The Best Promotional Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness has a close relationship with everything that is attached to the brand, such as taglines, logos, colors, social media, and others. A promotional strategy for brand awareness is said to be successful when the brand is already attached to the minds of consumers. There are several ways to increase brand awareness that can be applied, including these tips below.

  1. Create an Attractive Logo and Tagline

Logos and taglines are the basic components of a business that will interact directly with the market. These two components will be attached to everything related to your business, such as promotional posters, websites, packaging, social media, and many others. Therefore, making logos and taglines attractive and easily remembered by the market should be the main and first brand awareness strategy that you figure out.

  1. Active on Social Media

In this digital era, social media users are increasing rapidly. Thus, attracting consumers through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter is a great promotional strategy to increase proper brand awareness. This can be done by maximizing the production of attractive and interactive organic content. Apart from that, you can also advertise on social media to increase your exposure.

  1. Have Attractive and Informative Websites

Website is one of the marketing media that is widely used to measure company validity. If a website looks well managed and contains useful articles, it will make potential customers feel more confident to trust your brand.

To make this happen, you need to do website optimization and make it easily accessible to the customer whether they open it through computers or cell phones. Furthermore, you can create SEO related articles about how your brands can help to solve consumer problems.

  1. Participating in the Event

Participating in events such as expos and bazaars is another great promotional strategy to increase brand awareness. The event can open opportunities for your business to be recognized by the wider community.

  1. Do Co-Branding

Collaboration with other brands can help you increase brand awareness and expand the scope of promotions. You can open a new channel to a market that you have not yet tapped into before, and it can be a great way to improve public awareness about your brand.

  1. Using Influencers as Brand Ambassadors

Working with influencer marketing is another appropriate marketing technique to raise brand awareness of your product. When you are working with influencers, you will utilize their platform as a means of promotion. The influence of brand ambassadors on brand awareness will make your business more easily recognized and able to gain the trust from the social media followers of the influencers.

Improving the brand awareness of your company is important if you want to increase business sales turnover. The strategy of increasing brand awareness should even be one of the things that are prepared and created before you establish the business itself. 

Not only about how to raise brand awareness, but ensuring you prepare your company’s legal documents upon establishment is also as important. If you are currently looking for a professional service that can help you to incorporate your company, see here for more info.



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