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Memory Skills for Students To Escape Forgetting

All the students keep on working hard to make their memory skills good and not only students but adults also have only one dream that their memory skills should be unmatchable and they can achieve success on the basis of it. Students have always one concern in their study work and that is when they learn anything they memorize for them but as soon as they sleep, they forget everything so they have a curiosity that how can a human remember everything for a long time? But the answer is not so simple. Students keep on giving their time and efforts to their studies but they usually don’t get satisfactory results due to their poor planning and careless attitude towards learning and studying. Usually if the student is learning properly and memorizing anything for example, he reads ERP full form then after a few minutes if asked he will give a complete reply of ERP full form but after a few days, he won’t remember this because of lack of proper methods of memorizing. This can happen with any student because memorizing something while learning or studying is not a joke but is a very complex process and those students who get command of it always earn good marks and good position in life and academics also. Each and every student sees a dream of having super memory power like a computer but isn’t able to achieve it as it is very rare to see such strong memory power. Students practice various types of methods to increase their memory power like many tonics available in the market. They make a claim that their tonics and medicines can increase the memory power but these supplements harm the body because they only claim but they can’t do it in reality. So, let’s talk about memory skills for students to escape forgetting while studying. 

If we talk about the foremost method of improving the memory techniques then we come to know that meditation is the best technique for it. Meditation is the ancient method to improve memory power where one can achieve mindfulness and peace of mind due to which memory power increases itself without much effort.

Meditation removes a twister of useless thoughts from the mind and makes one’s mind achieve that ultimate phase of peace and calm where the mind can concentrate and focus on the topic very easily and hence without much effort the topic gets memorized. And in this way meditation increases memory power in students. Students need to take proper sleep to keep their minds healthy and to enhance memory power. Sleep is necessary for the mind to regenerate brain muscles and also to provide rest to the brain so that it can recharge itself and can function properly the next day. A complete night sleep includes 6-8 hours of sound sleep during which the student can get proper relief to body and mind and in this way a student’s mind will work faster than usual in the matter of memorizing. Students should read out loud while studying because this technique makes learning material get printed in the mind just like a printer. Learning management system of schools usually focuses on the memorizing power of students and that is why the learning management system of pre-schools focuses on making kids learn by singing out loud so that they can memorize the study material easily and that too for the long term.

Students should learn their course material in visual methods also to improve their memory power. It is so because what we see visually in the form of images is not easy to forget therefore this visual method works deeply and that is the reason small kids are taught with the help of pictorial charts to make them memorize the course material easily. Students should solve the practice test paper as much as they can because again and again taking the test makes students revise the course material several times and, in this way, they not only memorize study material but also, they get an idea of how to attempt the questions in the exam related to the particular subject. To not forget and keep on reading the important sections of the chapter students should highlight the important sections so that after opening the book they see first the highlighted areas of the chapter. Following the above stated method will surely improve the memory power of the students.



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