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Steps to Begin your PMP certification

The Project management professional certification is one of the globally recognized professional certifications. Most people will think cracking the project management professional exam and becoming a project manager is so easy, But it is not to crack the exam of Project management professional they need to follow certain steps to begin the project management professional career

The steps are as follows:

Ensure that you eligible for PMP certification:

First, ensure that you are eligible for the PMP certification. It includes certain criteria like for graduates’ minimum work experience should be 3 years, and for non-graduates Minimum of five years experience in both cases, you must have 35 to  40 hours of project management training sessions. Where Simpliaxis provides at a very reasonable cost with good training under certified trainers

Get PMP Certificate preparation material:

Every year project management institute updates and releases the new materials as per the updates from PMI get that material however this material covers all the modules like initiating the project, Planning the project, executing the project, Monitoring and validating the project, Closing the project or closing the procurements 

Become The Project Management Institute Member:

 If you are planning to start a career in project management it is very essential to become a member of the project management institute. If you join you can download the agile practice guide from their website after signing in, filling up the form and getting approval from a Product Management Institute.

Apply for the PMP exam:

If you are preparing for the PMP certification exam first you need to apply for the project management professional exam. Based on the eligibility criteria Project management institute will approve your request for your exam

Create a plan for the preparation for the exam:

After applying for the Project management professional certification exam you have to create a create plan and roadmap for the preparation for the exam. Where  Simpliaxis offers the best study materials and guides you on how to prepare and crack the PMP exam from a project management institute. 

Book Your Exam Slot:

If you are going to take Project management professional exam you need to book your examination slot this helps you to understand how to prepare for the exam and when the exam date is scheduled 

Attend the project management pre-workshop:

After booking your exam and preparation you should attain the project management pre workshops this will help you to understand how to initiate the project, plan the project, Executing the in the project, monitor the plan like how things are going on in the project, how to produce the best result on the project, and closing the project. 

Study hard:

For cracking Project management professional certification requires more hard work. Study hard as per your study plan or roadmap for studying, and stick to the plan. Refer to the materials and guides from the project management institute  

Take The Exam:

 Taking the exam is the major step after preparation and hard work. If you don’t take the exam, the hard work will be wasted. PMP certification will offer major benefits to your career and helps you to handle the projects very easily


Congratulations you have achieved your goal of becoming a certified project manager. Now you can handle the team and the project. This certification helps you to grow in your professional career and helps you to understand the project and lead the project and team. 



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