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Top Tips on Toy Eye Safety for Children

For kids, one of the best ways to keep them distracted and entertained is by giving them toys. However, there are some dangerous things as well that can happen if you do not pick out the toys with precision. Kids at this stage are at a growing stage which is why they can harm themselves in any way possible without knowing. Therefore, there are numerous toys that are pointy and can easily harm the eyes by poking them in. To ensure this does not happen, you need to be picky about the selection of the toys you give to your child.

Even the smallest toys such as building blocks can cause severe damage to the eyes. Hence, it is crucial that you are keen when it comes to choosing the toys for your child. There are several incidents that happen on a day-to-day basis regarding this matter. Almost 174,100 children were in the emergency department for toy-related eye injuries. Therefore, this should be taken more into account.

How you can choose the perfect toys for your child?

There are thousands of different toys that you can buy for your child however, one thing that causes hindrance is the attraction span. As toys are mainly bought for the child to be distracted, it needs to be something they like. However, here are a few tips on how you can get the best safety toy for your child.

  • Age

Before buying anything, make sure you are getting something according to your child’s age. Usually, the toys that come in have the appropriate age written on them as well which can give you an idea of what things your child will like or if you are going to be giving them as a gift. However, even if there is no age limit written then you can always research before you go out to get a toy. This way, you will have the right picture and will be able to pick out a good toy.

  • Single piece toy

If you have a child that is below age 5 then it would be best if you get them a toy that does not have parts. If you get them a toy that has parts then there are possibilities of them harming their eye and also swallowing them. This goes for mainly those toys that have small parts to them. They can easily swallow them and hurt their eyes. Therefore, ensure the toy is a one-piece set.

  • Declutter the mess

When your child is done playing with toys then you can always clean up the mess by putting all of them in a bin. This will make sure that you are not leaving any parts or toys behind that they can hurt themselves with. After their playtime is over, you can put them all in a bin and have a clear look if you are missing out on any toy.

Ensure the use of eyeglasses

There are tons of ways how you can save your child from harm but the best way is to ensure that you have kids safety glasses. These safety glasses are meant for children in order to protect their eyes the best. It is not important for your child to have wear eyesight for them to wear these glasses. They can be found normally without any prescriptions as well. Therefore, you can always get them and they are easily available in numerous stores. These glasses however are somewhat different from the rest because they are mainly made for children.

Therefore, you will be able to see some features that will be added to these glasses than the normal ones that adults wear. Therefore, the most common and attractive feature that you will be able to spot will be that the glasses are mainly wrapped around. Hence, they wrap around the eyes so that there are no possible harms from the side either. There are numerous ways how children can hurt their eyes while playing with toys which is why getting a wrap-around shape for glasses is ideal.

The features of the best safety glasses for children 

There are some crucial things you will need to know before you get Safety glasses for your kids. The first element you need to ensure is their durability. If they are durable and strong enough then that is a plus point. That is because these glasses will have the best protective sense and no matter what your child is doing, these glasses will not break which is why they are preferable over the rest. Moreover, you can also get glasses that have a rubber band. This band usually goes over the head so that the glasses are there with the child at all times and they don’t lose it.

The best thing about this band is that they will develop a habit of putting these glasses on by themselves. When they won’t be using these glasses, they will have them around their neck at all times. This will save them from damage during playtime as well as other factors. Hence, the best and ideal pair of glasses for your child to ensure eye safety will be a wrap-around shape like goggles. The material of the glasses can be any of your choices but for children, it is best recommended to be plastic or rubber. This is because these materials are softer than metal and they will not break nor harm them easily.

The toys you should avoid giving your child

Each year has seen a rise of children hurting their eyes in the worst case possible. Therefore, to ensure the best health of your child, you should avoid giving them harmful toys such as

  • Toy guns- these might seem fun to play with but they can have the reasons to damage your child’s eye. The darts that come with these are lightweight but, they are sharp. However, these things can shoot up to distances of 75 feet which can cause great harm.
  • Toy fishing poles- the end of the fishing pole or different objects that are secured at the end of the fishing line can easily end up in your child’s eye. This will cause some scratches and even a cut if the string is too dangerous.
  • Aerosol strings- these strings have a ton of chemical products in them. If they enter the eye, it will cause irritation and can also cause pink eye which is known as conjunctivitis. Not just that but, it is also prone to a corneal abrasion which always leads to serious eye infections.
  • Toy wands, swords, and sabers- all of these toys have a sharp end that can directly harm the eye if poked.
  • Laser pointers and bright flashlights- if your children love to play laser tag then there can be potential damage. This can lead to temporary blindness because of the harsh light being put on them. Extreme light can always damage the pupil and the cornea as well.

Therefore, all of these are harmful to the eye and they can cause muse harm. It would be best if you avoid giving your child these toys and also ensure that they are away from them. You should not only avoid these sets of toys but, you should also avoid toys that link to these. Whenever you are going to buy a toy for someone then you can ask their parents if that is something they approve of. This will ensure that your gift will be played with and it will also not go to waste. Usually, parents think that it is okay to give children laser toys because it is exciting. However, this is something that is dangerous and it will surely have a negative impact on the eyes.

Here is the list of toys you can get for your child depending on their age

You should always ensure you are getting your child toys that are relevant to their age. Hence, here are some age-appropriate toys you can grant your children to play with easily.

  • First 12 months

If your child is just below or 12 months old then the best toys you can give are bright colored ones. Children at this stage don’t have much consciousness which is why they will enjoy playing with anything that has a high color contrast. This not only helps them stay away from eye injury but also helps in their visual development. Therefore, these toys can be anything from balls, rattles, stuffed toys, and building blocks.

  • 1 to 2 years

In this stage, the child will want to have everything they see. However, this is also a very important development stage of the child which is why you should ensure you are restricting them from damaging their eyes. Hence, you can offer them toys such as finger paints, board games, stacking toys such as building blocks, and so on. All of these will excite your child as well.

  • 2 to 6 years

During this stage, children will be addicted to the toys you gave them before, such as finger paints, building blocks, and so on. You can keep adding new toys to entertain them and increase their development processes such as board games, games that include letters and shapes as well as puzzles. When they are 4 years old, you can allow them to have some sensible toys such as cash-resisters, typewriters, toy teacups, and more. You can also give them a basketball set or roller skates for a fun activity.

  • 6 to 10 years

During these years, the child wants to experiment with other elements and toys. They will definitely stick around playing with the other toys you gave them in the past. However, they will start to make their own choices and get those things that attract them the most. Hence, you can get them a bit more physically active toys such as jumping ropes, bikes, skateboards, and toy trains. All of these things will add to their neuron development and increase their physical capabilities as well.

Hence, all of these toys are not harmful and they will have a great impact on your child. It will ease your time with them when you are busy and it will lower your stress of them getting hurt. However, to ensure the best possible safety, protective glasses are always recommended. You can always buy them at Safety Eyeglasses online. Even you can buy prescription glasses for women at feasible prices and with free shipping as well. Buy affordably without any risk because we have 7 days love it guarantee as well. 




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