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5 piece canvas art and how to adapt them to your interior?

The paintings can be divided into several parts, creating triptychs, diptychs, etc. depending on exactly how many elements they have. Their multi-part options, on the other hand, are a bit more fun to play around with in terms of interior design, which is something you should bear in mind early on.By discovering a little artistic soul in yourself, you can do something really interesting in your flat, giving the space an incredible vibe.

Multi-panel canvas art in the office

In an office space, paintings always work well as a feature. They give the office a more cosy atmosphere and a homely feel. 5 Piece canvas art attracts attention already by its shape and, what not to say, originality.

Even more so than triptychs, thanks to the modular layout, multi-part artworks look dynamic, which will certainly work to the advantage in offices.

High-quality material guarantees that such a gallery on the wall will present its full character. Among the many motifs to choose from you have whatever you want to put on your wall. Create your own canvas wall art 5 pieces and feel much better in the office.

Multi-panel canvas art in the home

Design patterns such as 5 piece canvas art were used in the past, but even current artists, wanting to stand out from the rest with originality and modernity, model themselves on medieval divisions of paintings.

In your home using this technique you can have a unique atmosphere, which your guests will certainly notice.  After receiving the painting you can hang it on the wall immediately – the canvas is stretched so that it also covers the sides of the loom and looks beautiful without any additional frame.

For all of our 5-panel canvas paintings, it is recommended to keep 1 inch of space between each panel. By printing the edges it is possible to create a mirror effect, so the artwork looks just as magnificent regardless of the viewing angle. This is a good idea that will work especially well in larger living rooms.

In homes, canvas paintings fulfill their role as an eye-catching decoration. This type of artwork can prove to be an ideal gift for an art lover, a student of history or simply for a person sensitive to beauty. Suitable for use in the bedroom, hallway and dining room.



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