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CompTIA certifications future

Certification is the easiest way of validating one’s knowledge and also checking the validation on the interviewee part. Although online certificates have become the crux of society today, IT sectors prefer the CompTIA certifications while hiring professionals as it provides entry-level certificates to expert levels certificates based on their technical know-how.

Based on the purpose of certification and field it covers, the various types of certifications provided by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) are as follows:-

  • A+
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • Cloud+
  • CySA+
  • IT Fundamentals
  • Career pathway

The various reasons for which an individual might like to undertake one of the provided certifications by CompTIA are given below.

  1. Cost included: – The application form required to fill in order to appear the exams comes for a minimal fare compared to that of some other tests that satisfy the same certification purpose. While the highest have been ranged at around $500-$600, CompTIA certifications can be applied for just $300 or so. It’s a jackpot in case you are a student as CompTIA Certification offer a special discount for students and thus may be availed for approximately $200.
  2. Preparation to crack it: – It isn’t a piece of cake. Neither is it an uphill battle. While there are training and preparation kits available at affordable prices, self-preparation has been proven the best to crack the certifications. Ignoring the differences at individual levels, 8 hours toil per day on an average for 3-4 months suffices.
  3. Prerequisites: – The certification examinations do not call for first-hand training or experience before appearing, unlike other exams. The prerequisites asked for in some of the certifications are not that difficult to achieve and can be achieved within a year approximately.
  4. Once & for all:- The examinations consist of only one round of 90 multiple choice questions, drag-and-drop functions, etc., to be solved in 90 minutes, and that’s all. There is no GD or PI or several advanced rounds involved in the examination.
  5. Retake options: – Another star of the galaxy is that there is a retake option with lesser charges in case you don’t make it in the first attempt. You can attempt for a second time right after. But the agency may block you for the tenure of 2 weeks before appearing the third retest to ensure foolproof preparation.
  6. Easy to crack: – Preparing durations have been aforementioned. The examination covers the arenas of switches, routers, firewalls, ethical hacking, defense mechanisms, cloud operations, etc. Simple graduation in Information Technology or Computer Science hand-in-glove with a tad bit of specialized hard work should bring your resume distinguished laurels and your future some bright stars.
  7. The abundance of training material and coaching centers: – Training and practicing sets can be purchased online for nominal costs as well as there is a wide range of coaching centers available in every nook and crannies of this world that help you burn the midnight oil better.
  8. Validity: – This certification can be appeared by a candidate of any nation and is valid globally, widening its acceptance and scope. The only thing that can stop you from a bright future is you.
  9. Scopes: – As per the declarative 8570 of the United States Department of Defence, it’s a necessity for security officials and technicians to be certified. While the majority of posts prefer CompTIA certifications, some require it as essential. All over the globe, there is a separate liking to technicians that have made it through CompTIA certifications certification irrespective of the field or project the company is hiring.
  10. The next best: – CompTIA certifications are preferred among IT tycoons than any other type of certifications owing to their abundance of positive features. It is the wisest option available on the part of an aspirant.

Improved job seeking options, better posts, secured future are just some to name from the long list of benefits CompTIA certifications. A certified professional candidate is better than several uncertified ones is the general motto in IT firms nowadays as they reduce salary load, work more efficiently, and minimize the risk of the firm. Stated the points, CompTIA certifications are the best undoubtedly.



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