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Top Indian Forex Brokers: Olymp Trade, HYCM, and

OctaFX was established in 2011 and is affiliated with several multinational corporations. No matter how high its customers set their expectations, OctaFX will always strive to meet or exceed them by offering them the most favorable trading circumstances possible at the lowest possible cost. OctaFX provides traders of all skill levels and trading strategies with access to a wide variety of trading account types. Currency pairs and an inventory of assets used for leverage There are 35 different crypto pairings with 5 commodities and 5 metals.

Services from OctaFX

The main sorts of options available with OctaFX trading are:

  • The CFD Market

Users of OctaFX have access to CFDs on the top 10 indexes. Markets like the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and Euro Stoxx 50 are just some of the CFDs available through OctaFX right now. Many well-known stock exchange participants issue CFDs. The CFDs are available for public trading on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. The majority of retail investor accounts that trade CFDs end up in the red, according to studies on the foreign exchange market. Due to poor judgement, some investors ultimately come up on the losing end.

  • Trading in Basic Materials

Gold, silver, crude oil, and natural gas are just some of the tradable commodities that OctaFX members have access to. OctaFX, a digital regulatory exchange, offers a maximum leverage of 1:200 for gold and silver and 1:50 for all other commodities.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

Both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 support trading in cryptocurrencies. OctaFX allows users to trade in BTC, ETH, XRP, and BCH. Furthermore, these crypto networks can be accessed using the Mt4 and Mt5 mobile apps.

How to Create an OctaFX Account

A user must sign up and create an account with the best foreign exchange firm,, before they can begin trading with them. OctaFX provides traders with an intuitive interface. In order to get an OctaFX Login ID, users need to fill out a digital form for regulatory approval of their email address. After carefully filling out the form, the user must email OctaFX’s accounts unit to approve the national identification document. Passports and military bills are also accepted. This authorization process is carried out in accordance with the Know Your Customer regulations of the country of residency. After the accounts department verifies the user’s identification, the user can begin trading. Users can start making profitable trades and investments with the help of login access and restricted order guarantees.

Top Indian Forex Brokers List

The best online trading sites that welcome Indian traders are listed below.

• The Olymp Market

Over 25,000 investors are currently signed up for Olymp Trade, making it one of the most popular brokerages in India. Traders of all skill levels are attracted to IQ Option because of its user-friendly interface, fast customer support, wide range of deposit and withdrawal options, and 33 available currency pairings.


Its parent firm, HYCM, is a global forex broker regulated by the CFD industry. Let’s say you want to engage in some currency exchange. In that instance, there are actually four separate brands under the umbrella of the forex broker. They are still registered with separate agencies because they are separate legal organizations.


To improve its FX market efficiency and allow commission-free forex trading, broker employs a narrative style of the transaction process, with traders paying only the overnight charges and buy-sell spread if they use leverage. There are 138 different FX pairings available on this regulated market, all with reasonable spreads.

When in India Should You Trade Forex?

Success in foreign exchange trading, according to Traders Union experts, requires a combination of liquidity, volume, and high-quality trades. The market is more likely to move in your favor and experience less consolidation if you trade at times of heavy volume. Knowing when the markets in London, New York, and Asia open can put you on the winning side of the trade. So, when do Indian forex traders fare best? Because the London market starts at 12:30pm IST, the optimum time to trade foreign exchange in India is during this hour. When the New York market opens at 5:30pm IST, another wave of trading volume will enter the financial system. Even if the Asian session begins at 5:30am IST, there won’t be enough volume for price action forex trading.



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