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How Can A Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan Help You?

A health insurance policy is a game-changer for every individual because it provides protection to you and your loved ones at the time of unforeseeable circumstances. Along with that, there are also additional plans that can be added to your current health insurance plans, like top-up health insurance or super-top up health insurance. We will be taking you through the benefits of a super top-up health insurance plan. 

How the Super top-up health insurance plan works

A super top-up plan provides add-on coverage over your primary healthcare plan limit. The primary goal of such plans is to enhance your current health plan and give your family more protection – this plan only works when the overall claims have gone above the limit. This means that, unlike a top-up plan that can be topped up per claim, a super top-up can be availed only when the overall claims have gone overboard. For example, your base cover is for Rs. 10 lakhs and your super top insurance plan is for Rs. 20 lakhs. In case your hospital bills are Rs 15 lakhs, only after your base cover is utilised, the excess amount will be deducted from your super top-up plan. 

Medical expenses are rising by the day and the super top-up plan is ideal for such scenarios. It protects your family from undue financial stress and allows for opting for the best care without financial burden. Here are some of the key reasons why you need to opt for a super top-up insurance plan – 

  1. Rising medical costs – The top reason to get a super top-up is because of the rising medical costs – even if you have a comprehensive cover, it could fall short in critical illnesses. You should pick up an insurance provider that allows you to super-top up your basic plan, which would protect you from financial distress. 
  2. Tax Benefits – Selecting a super top-up plan is an excellent way of enjoying some tax benefits. The super top-up plan is also eligible for tax benefits. 
  3. Extra coverage – A super top-up plan ensures a higher sum insured. These plans provide extra coverage over the base plan and, surprisingly, at a reasonable premium. 
  4. Added protection – We all want to feel financially secure; a super top-up plan is the way to go for that! It’s the ideal way to get some extra cushioning over your base health care plans – and not just for you but also for your entire family/ individuals who are protected in the comprehensive plan. 

A super top-up health plan is ideal for individuals who suffer from any chronic illness or critical illness where you or your family would require continuous hospitalisation. In such scenarios, a super top-up is a great way of ensuring that you are financially secure. With Chola MS’s super top-up health insurance, you can enjoy these additional benefits on your comprehensive health plans and keep your family safe with just a click. 



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