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Seychelles – One of the best places to visit in the summer of 2022

Think you might want to go on vacation in 2022? Well, Seychelles is the place to be. Seychelles is one of the most popular islands in the world and it’s at the top of many tourist lists. 

The island is located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa and has a population of over 100,000 people. 

Seychelles prides itself on being one of the most biodiverse places on Earth; there are more than one hundred different species of birds that can be found here. One of the most popular activities on this beautiful island is diving. 

Seychelles is an archipelago island country in the Indian Ocean made up of 115 granitic and coral islands. 

Seychelles, a beautiful tropical island nation 1000 miles off the east coast of Africa, is home to palm-lined beaches, crystal-clear waters, and massive granite rock formations that create images suitable for postcards and upscale travel guides. 

Seychelles is well-known for its beaches and celebrity honeymooners (celebrities like Prince William, George Clooney, and Sir Paul McCartney have all been known to honeymoon there), but they have more to offer daring travelers than just a romantic getaway.

The following factors make Seychelles the ideal location for your upcoming island getaway:

No visa required 

There are no visa requirements for anyone traveling to Seychelles, except those with a passport from Kosovo. This is because Seychelles does not recognize Kosovo as a state, hence admission will not be allowed.

Other passport holders are not required to have a visa to enter Seychelles, but visitors should still have a current passport or another form of identification that has been approved by the Seychelles government to enter the country.

The passport HAS TO BE VALID for the duration of the desired stay until return to the holder’s home country.


Reaching this far-flung island location is now simpler than ever thanks to an increase in the number of international airlines that fly to Seychelles.

Additionally, it is simple to arrange ferry and airplane connections between the inner islands, making island hopping an experience you won’t find anywhere else on the globe. 

While other Indian Ocean vacation spots like the Maldives and Mauritius are indeed stunning, you cannot easily visit other islands, each of which has its personality, culture, and attractions.


Visitors can travel freely and in safety to Seychelles. In Africa, Seychelles has one of the lowest rates of crime, and violent crimes are incredibly uncommon. 

Travelers are encouraged to take the customary precautions concerning their personal belongings when touring outside of the resort because opportunistic misdemeanors like bag snatching and petty theft do occasionally happen.

Despite this, all tourists, including honeymooners, families, and lone travelers, are thought to find the Seychelles to be safe.

Enjoy the Pleasant Weather All Year Long

Seychelles has seasons; however, the weather is absolutely lovely all year round. It is constantly warm, and the rain never lasts long enough to wash out a whole day, even in seasons where there is typically more rain.

Due to its tropical climate, beachgoers and sun-worshipers travel to Seychelles all year round. Rarely does the temperature fall below 24°C (75.2°F) or climb over 32°C (89.6°F). Although there are no traditional seasons in Seychelles, the weather does change according to the dominant trade winds.

Due to its equatorial location, the climate doesn’t fluctuate greatly throughout the year, which also means that there isn’t a typical peak season or off-season for accommodations.

In general, vacations taken outside of European holiday seasons are less expensive.

Additionally, we advise you against waiting too long to make a reservation because spaces fill up quickly and you risk missing out.

Beaches that rank among the best in the world

Seychelles’ beaches have a lot to offer. The super-fine and blindingly white sand are present. Every conceivable shade of blue may be seen in the warm water. 

The nicest thing is that even the busiest beaches are never overcrowded in the eyes of most people. There are a ton of solutions available for those who want to completely avoid crowds.

The majority of the beaches in this area are completely undeveloped, and many of them are naturally bordered by lush flora and palm trees, which offer some much-needed shade throughout the day.

There are eco-friendly beach resorts that help you make your experience better when visiting Seychelles.  

A strong heritage

French explorers initially came to Mahé, the principal island of Seychelles, in 1742. Before that, different explorers and commerce ships had reported seeing the islands, but the islands remained a mystery for generations. Some of history’s most infamous pirates are rumored to have hidden in Mahé’s coves and bays, according to several legends and tales regarding pirate activity in the region. Many still hold the view that the island is home to significant amounts of hidden pirate riches.

The Trails for Hiking

In Seychelles, there are some fantastic hikes. Discover amazing hikes throughout the islands, many of which provide breathtaking views despite varying degrees of difficulty.

Pure beauty

Beyond only stunning beaches, Seychelles has a lot to offer. You’re never far from breathtaking natural scenery and unusual wildlife because more than half of the Seychelles archipelago is made up of designated national parks and marine reserves. 

Mahé’s rugged terrain makes it a fantastic destination for tourists who enjoy hiking and for nature enthusiasts who will admire the island’s beautiful tropical jungle.

 The Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Praslin, was originally considered to be the original Garden of Eden. 

The same is underwater, where snorkelers and divers can still see hundreds of different species of vivid tropical fish in addition to amazing sights of marine megafauna that are seriously threatened everywhere in the world.

Authentic Creole Cuisine

Dreaming of the best-ever delicious coconut nougat, the most succulent grilled fish straight from the Indian Ocean, or an octopus curry? Make travel plans to Seychelles. Try the fruit bat, a local delicacy, if you’re searching for something a little more unique.

The best Creole cuisine may be found in many forms, from street food to gourmet dining.

 Restaurants in Seychelles Mahe make you taste and experience the authentic creole food 

Endangered Species

Many species that are endangered or highly endangered can be found in Seychelles. Hawksbill and green turtles, Aldabra giant tortoises, and Seychelles paradise flycatchers are among the wildlife that nature lovers should keep an eye out for. But there is much more; infact, Seychelles is currently home to 65 species listed on the IUCN Red List.

Relaxing and refreshing 

Seychelles is well-suited for romantic travel and special occasions, even though the region’s population is changing (it is becoming more popular with families and adventure travelers). It is  due to the islands’ strong reputation as  a honeymoon destination.

The islands’ naturally stunning landscape, leisurely pace of life, and sense of privacy and seclusion that is difficult to find elsewhere in the world are perfect. 

There are many best all-inclusive honeymoon resorts which provide you best honeymoon packages if you are planning to visit Seychelle this summer for your honeymoon.



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