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Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving

Commercial kitchen wall shelving belongs to the category of neutral equipment designed for storage and drying of dishes, cutlery, packaged foodstuffs. These products are distinguished by a simple collapsible design and the ability to easily adjust the shelves. Also, some models have supports that smooth out uneven floors. Buying wall shelves from trusted manufacturers means providing a catering kitchen with reliable equipment that can perform its main function for many years.

When a business owner of restaurant decides to purchase quality stainless steel furniture, they are usually looking to improve efficiency and quality of work. Among the equipment, which is mandatory for purchase, there are commercial kitchen wall shelving. Without them, it is simply impossible to imagine a modern and high-quality kitchen in a bar, cafe or restaurant. The staff of a decent establishment always uses these products, because they can be placed in such a way as to minimize the loss of time during the preparation of the next meal.

Advantages of Using Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving

To buy a suitable shelf, consider the features of the room. It should be based on the available space and your plans to use it. In addition, since the material from which the shelf is most often made is stainless steel, the stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted has additional advantages:

  • Durability — unlimited service life.
  • High resistance to aggressive influences — not subject to corrosion, detergents, chemicals.
  • Withstand loads — stainless steel shelves for the kitchen can withstand more than 50 kg of weight.
  • Hygiene — metal does not absorb odor, easy to clean.

Steel wall shelves can be used to organize the washing sector, directly above the cutting table or at the professional stove. Such equipment is not afraid of high-temperature neighborhood. Depending on the intended purpose, pay attention to the shape of the shelf, the size of the perforation.

Commercial wall shelving for kitchen is produced in a standard rectangular shape. Many people prefer to choose models with anti-fall boards, a rack for drying dishes and other configurations. Shelves should be roomy enough. You can accurately calculate this indicator if you know the dimensions of the product that will be stored on its surface.

Commercial kitchen wall shelving can be universal, or they can be specialized, for example, for drying plates. Such designs have narrow compartments that are suitable for placing plates. Universal designs are used to store various dishes, lids, cutting boards and inventory. You can choose both stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted and desktop options for placing shelves. Wall structures are hung above the sink or work surface. On such shelves, utensils are usually placed, which the cafe staff needs to have on hand. Table shelves are placed on the table.

The cost of steel wall shelves depends on the size, availability of doors, material. So the doors can be steel, glass in an MDF frame, with handles, and the shelves can also be backlit. A diverse design allows you to choose not only a functionally suitable model, but also well combined with the interior of the kitchen. You can also buy high-quality stainless restaurant shelving with special compartments for drying cutlery, glasses, pots, pans, and other utensil.



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