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7 POS Billing Software For Restaurants in 2022

Successful restaurants are a result of good food and drinks, sales, and no-doubt advanced reporting and analytics. While all these factors help you make decisions, set employee hours, keep the best menu items, and maximize profitability, you need to have a tool that can manage it all for you. 

Luckily, you can always depend on a food truck POS billing software to help you get real-time results, make long-term decisions, and boost profitability.                       

 1.Toast POS

Toast POS lets you track inventories, manage shifts, payroll, process payments, and even manage orders via mobile. 

The best part is that you get access to dynamic price structure and volume-based discounts. This will particularly be useful if you need a few extra terminals. Thus, making it one of the most sought after POS billing software for restaurants.

 2.Moon POS

Moon Invoice or Moon POS is one of the best POS billing software for restaurants. Using this you will be able to keep a strict tab on your inventories, streamline stock management, and even get access to the best reporting features. Besides, you will be able to stay on top of all tax-related information and get access to the best of accounting integrations. The best thing is you will be able to forecast trends and also access the best project estimates and analytics. 

 3.Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed’s restaurant POS system is all you need to manage your restaurant operations. Its mobile app lets you take orders and process payment with ease. You can also display images of your menu to customers. 

Be it a bar, cafe, or eatery, it is an ideal fit for all locations. It is meant and designed to scale your business. And, you can even use it to manage your menus, food costs, and manage inventory. You can also use it to upgrade seating, sync with all major food delivery providers, and offer detailed reporting.


Yet, another POS billing software for restaurant ShopKeep POS lets you process payments, input orders, make mobile payments, and reduce contact. 

You can also access front-of-house and back operations, manage inventory, and get access to advanced analytics. 

The main features offered by these tools include staff and customer management, raw goods tracking and managing overall operations.




One of the most sought after food truck POS billing software, Square lets you satisfy all your restaurant POS needs. It will also come in handy for  cafes, pop-ups, and hotels. 

You can use it for managing inventories, planning menus, organizing tables, and generating the best of reports and analytics.

 6.PayPal Here

More of a payment processor PayPal Here is another top POS billing software for restaurants. It has got a smart feature set, short learning curve, mobile payment options, and an intuitive user-interface. 

From processing sales to managing customers, tracking inventory, to inputting orders and offering the best of reporting tools, PayPal Here does it all. The best part about this tool is that it lets you access all the necessary third-party integrations. If you wish to use other than those offered, you will need to pay charges for the same.

 7.Epos Now

Last but not least, Epos Now lets you experiment with different systems. It is not only the best food truck POS billing software, but you can also use it to offer specialized restaurant features. 

Some of the features offered by Epos now include managing inventory, tracking purchase history, conducting in-depth sales reporting, and creating customer profiles. Besides, the specialized features include customized table plans, online reservations, and bill splitting.  

Startups also bank on these tools to manage their operations as they love how the software lets them do it with all. Not only does it make the daily grind easier, but it also lets them plan for future events, parties, and all other functions. 

Wrapping Up 

These were just a few POS billing software for restaurants that you can use and nail your restaurant operations. Using them will help you bring in ease and clarity to your restaurant operations. If you need to learn and know more about these systems, we will help you with all your queries. 

Please remember you will need to try out these systems before you pick one. We suggest taking a demo before purchasing a tool. 



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