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Stop Wasting Your Money on Any other Indoor Cycling App

Many people have been shifting to virtual cycling in the past few years. While this shift got a fillip during the pandemic scare, the trend still continues even after the successful control of the COVID19 pandemic. As a matter of fact, many people are using the Indoor cycling app after 2022. If you are one such person who is looking for a viable and reliable solution, then you should check out Vingo. The app can be used along with your existing exercise machines or in tandem with the latest fitness equipment. Now understand more about the app, as it is the best option for you. It is both affordable and featureful.

Vingo is As Good As it Gets

Vingo is a complete fitness app cum social media app that allows you to enjoy the best from both your exercises and at the same time, enables you to stay connected with your friends and family. The 

Connect Your Exercise Bike With Ease

With the Vingo app you can easily connect your existing bikes with the app. It is possible by using a simple Bluetooth interface. However, if there are no in-built sensors in your exercise bike or treadmill, you can get one with the latest configurations. With the quick connector and plug and play options, you will make your Indoor cycling into an exciting adventure.

Start Cycling in the Virtual World

After connecting the app you will get the visuals of a virtual space in your display screen. If you connect your phone or iPad you can see using those screens or you can connect your macbook screen. Inside the virtual world, you will be seen as a digital avatar that resembles you. You can customise your avatar by uploading a photo of yourself.

Create or Join Cycling Races

Once inside the virtual world of Vingo, you can either join in the ongoing races or create your own cycling races. This way, you will have a competitive spirit in your exercises. Moreover, you will be forced to workout more than you normally do. This Online cycling is also a way to connect with your friends and family in the virtual world.

With the usage of the internet you can connect with your childhood friends and people who are also interested in cycling. Even if you are cities apart, you can easily cycle against them or with them using the Vingo app. Further, if you want your whole family to experience and enjoy the app, it is easily possible. You need not pay for each of the profiles that you create.

Save Money & Create 8 Profiles on the App

Vingo allows you to create as many as 8 profiles under one account. As a result, you can pay just $15 for your whole family and more. That is why, this app makes sure that you are able to save a lot each month in Gym memberships and other fitness related expenses. It is also the best app for running if you have a treadmill.



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