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Other instruments accompanied with viola on concerts

Viola is one of the eye-catching string instruments in an ensemble or orchestra. It’s also one of the most interesting instruments to learn. But like any instrument, the viola is accompanied by other instruments for a more amazing sound, especially at concerts. In this article, we’ll look at the different instruments that can accompany viola. You’ll be tempted to see viola for sale when you discover how versatile this instrument is when partnered with different instruments.


One common instrument we use to see accompanied by viola is the violin. The violin can create additional harmonic and melodic support for the viola’s performances. When combined, the two instruments can give a rich, full sound that is ideal for several different styles of music. This is because both instruments belong to string instruments and complement each other well, with violin providing brightness and viola providing warmth and depth.


Cello is another great instrument that can go well with violas. It can provide a rich, full-bodied sound that complements the viola’s unique timbre. When combined, both cello and violas can be used to play different styles and genres of music. Plus, they make a perfect blend because the cello can offer a deep, resonant bassline while viola fills out the mid-range. 

These two instruments can be played in an ensemble performance like string quartets or orchestras and even solo performances. 

Double bass

We all know that viola has that unique melody. For it to be balanced or highlighted, it needs a versatile instrument like a double bass. The double bass is an instrument that can provide extremes. It can create the lowest-pitched instrument in the string family and provides a solid foundation for the other instruments in the ensemble.

Like the other instrument we’ve mentioned above, double bass can also create a rich, full sound and resonant bassline perfect to accompany the superstar instrument, viola. Double bass and viola can also be played in orchestras and string quartets and even solo performances that can add a fuller sound.


Flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon are some of the woodwind instruments that are perfect for viola accompaniment. When these instruments are played alongside viola, you’ll get a unique texture and timbre to the ensemble. They can also add depth and nuance to the overall composition due to their delicate and ethereal sound quality, perfect in contrasting the viola’s robust sound. 

You’ll typically see woodwinds and violas in a chamber music group, orchestras, and solo performances together.


Brass instruments like trombone, trumpet, and French horn can give an ensemble a bold and powerful sound when played alongside with viola. The brass can play various roles, like providing harmonic support or creating a bold and dramatic contrast to the viola’s tone.

These two instruments make the perfect blend due to the sense of power and intensity they can give the composition. Brass and viola are often combined in ensemble performances such as brass quintets or orchestras.


So there you have it! As you can see, violas are just perfect to accompany different instruments in an orchestra. And different instruments means different sound style and quality they can produce. So if you’re interested in playing viola, it’s a guarantee that you’ll get a versatile instrument perfect for almost any music style and genre. In short, you’ll never get wrong with violas!



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