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Knotless Braids Hair Tips and Why You Need To Wear Them This Year

Knotless braids are a unique way of wearing braids and they are different from all the other braid hairstyles as they do not begin at the hair roots. They are fixed using the feed-in method to avoid pulling out the hair at the roots. Unlike traditional braids, knotless braids prevent the loss of hair while at the same time giving you an incredible look.

The hair is first divided into four portions then small portions are created from there. The hair is first braided and after an inch or so, an extension is added. This continues till the hair reaches the desired length. The process is then repeated to the other portions. Some of the benefits of rocking knotless braids hairstyle are.

  • They Prevent Hair Loss

If you have been searching for a hairstyle that does not pull out your hair roots, the knotless braids are what you have been looking for. This is because the hair extension is not added at the base of your hair but is attached a few inches after braiding your natural hair.

  • They Are Less Painful

Getting a braid hairstyle is one of the most painful hairstyles that you can have. However, getting the knotless braids protects you from pain. This is because the roots of your hair are what cause pain and in knotless braids, the roots are not pulled at all.

  • They Give You a Natural Look

Despite the fact that they are braids, they give you a very natural look. The way that they are fixed is what makes their appearance very natural. Your natural hair is all that is seen at the beginning of every braid.

  • They Are Easy to Maintain

You could say that knotless braids are economical. They do not require a lot of effort for them to keep looking good. All you need is to oil your scalp especially the roots to prevent drying and then you are ready to go. 

  • They Do Not Come Off Easily

Knotless braids are one of the long-lasting braid hairstyles. If they are fitted in properly, they could go up to eight weeks without the need for repairs.

  • They Are Easy to Remove

Not much effort is required in the removal of knotless braids. All that is done is to cut the ends with a pair of scissors then the braids are ready to remove.

  • They Do Not Make Knots On Your Hair

Knots are very common in your hair after you remove your braids. Just like the name suggests, knotless braids do not leave tangles in your hair after they are removed. This is because they do not start at the roots of the hair.

The following are some of the factors that you will consider before getting the knotless braid hairstyle;

  • The Length of Your Hair

The length of your hair is the one that determines the type of knotless braids that you will get. If your hair is short, get knotless braids that are just below your neck. If you have long hair, then get knotless braid extensions that are longer than your hair.

  • The Type of Extension 

The type of extension that you settle for is a major determinant of how the final look will be. Go for light extensions that will not pull your hair. Heavy extensions can even add to hair loss as they will pull your hair roots.

  • The Number of Braids 

Some people prefer to have a lot of braids while others opt to have lesser braids. The amount of natural hair you have helps to determine the quantity of braid you will have.  If you opt for a less amount of braids, make them thick for an incredible look. If you prefer a large amount, then get thinner ones.

  • Your Comfortability

Your comfort is the most important thing that you should consider when getting the knotless braids. Ensure that you are satisfied with the look of the braids.



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