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Why is a Bachelor of Arts Degree Worth Pursuing?

Besides the management and engineering degrees, the field of arts is gaining much recognition right now. The most important reason behind this can be that an arts undergraduate program allows students to choose from a diverse selection of elective courses.

Moreover, the curriculum of an undergraduate arts degree lets you discover that study areas interest you and further have in-depth knowledge of those areas. As a result, the best BA colleges in Jaipur have seen a sudden increase in the number of students registering for this undergraduate program.

But, there are some common questions associated with the academic program: is a Bachelor of Arts a good degree for future employment? Or, is the BA degree just a way to pass your time at colleges and universities? At times, these questions often become a matter of confusion to many.

In this blog, we will talk about the Bachelor of Arts degree, and its importance in today’s context.

Table of Contents:

  1. Bachelor of Arts- Overview
  2. What is the difference between BA and BA (Hons.)?
  3. Benefits of Pursuing a BA Degree
  • Numerous opportunities
  • Assists in improving basic life skills
  • Competitive Exams Oriented
  • Makes you aware of cultures and societies
  • Accessibility
  1. Arya College Jaipur
  2. Conclusion
  3. FAQs

Bachelor of Arts- Overview

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a three-year undergraduate study program that is usually divided into six semesters. The degree program puts emphasis on subjects like Humanities, Liberal Arts, and Social Studies.

However, you can pursue the degree in both regular and distance modes of learning, and the average duration is the same for both of them. Moreover, you can choose to pursue further studies like Master of Arts and Ph.D. programs upon completion of this degree program. Some of the best BA colleges in India include undergraduate and postgraduate BA courses in their curriculum.

What is the difference between BA and BA (Hons.)?

As we know, both the BA and BA (Hons.) courses are provided under the Arts stream. But, there are some differences between the two, specifically in terms of the specialization offered.

A BA degree generally covers all the aspects of arts, besides the essential courses included in the course curriculum. On the other hand, the BA (Hons.) degree program offers specializations in any one subject like Psychology, English, Hindi, History, and so on.

Moreover, you will have to complete 10+2 from any recognized board or equivalent, to get admission to the BA academic program. But, the eligibility criteria of the BA (Hons.) program consists of the inclusion of honors-seeking subjects at the qualifying level, in addition to other criteria.

Benefits of Pursuing a BA Degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree usually forms the basis for what you want to do in the future. This degree attempts at creating the foundation of a student, which ultimately decides their career paths. Let us have a look at the enormous advantages a BA degree can offer.

  • Numerous Opportunities- A BA course offers a long list of subjects to choose from during the academic tenure. It includes subjects such as journalism, education, tourism, law, psychology, and many more that cover the entire prospects on which society works. As a result, this degree can let you explore ample opportunities in various fields.
  • Assists in improving basic life skills- One of the important benefits a BA degree can offer is enhancing your skill sets for the future. It can improve your communication skills, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, etc. Moreover, this degree equips you with the necessary knowledge and subject-related material that develops your thinking ability. Furthermore, the faculty unit of the best BA colleges in India guides the same.
  • Competitive Exams Oriented- Maximum competitive exams include the syllabus that is taught in BA programs across the country. Therefore, it can save time if you are planning to appear for such exams in the future. With subjects included in the curriculum, you may not require to take separate coaching classes for cracking those exams.
  • Makes you aware of cultures and societies- Bachelor of Arts is a degree that is directly related to your immediate surroundings, and financial and social life. All the subjects offered in this curriculum are somehow related to the field of human living and imagination. As a whole, it can let you have a better understanding of the structure of society alongside its consecutive elements, and working principles.
  • Accessibility- This degree program welcomes candidates from all kinds of streams, and this is what makes the degree versatile. Moreover, because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Arts, the culmination of different perspectives adds to the diverse nature of the field.

Arya College Jaipur

Among the best BA colleges in India, Arya College Jaipur offers the opportunity of graduating in different streams like BA, BBA, BCOM, and BSc apart from management, engineering, and other important degree programs.

Since its inception, the college is composed of excellent professionals who have shown immense dedication toward the community and nation. However, this college includes subjects like Economics, Political Science, History, Hindi, Sociology, etc in its BA curriculum. For further admission-related queries, please check out their official website.

As a whole, Arya College provides far more than administrative and academic facilities on campus. It is dedicated to coming forward with an exceptional and biggest infrastructure for learning, and other facilities for its students.

Furthermore, Arya College Jaipur is highly appreciated as it is surrounded by elegant landscaping, panoramic green surroundings, and beautiful flowerbeds.


Therefore, you can draw uncountable benefits from pursuing a BA degree, and obtaining this degree can strengthen your creative efforts, as well as assist you in collaborating with others across various disciplines.

Moreover, Arya College is one of the best BA colleges in Jaipur. We hope this blog gives you a better understanding of BA programs, and their benefits in the long run.


  1. Do colleges/universities conduct entrance examinations as a part of the selection process for BA programs?

Basically, most colleges don’t require any sort of entrance exam for admission in BA program courses.  However, most of the best BA colleges in India select students based on their merit scores. 

  1. What are some of the most preferred BA specializations?

History, Economics, English, Communication Studies, Archaeology, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Language ( French, German, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese/ Mandarin, Greek, Japanese, and Latin), and many more.

  1. Can I pursue an MBA or other management degree upon completion of the BA degree?

Yes, the management or an MBA degree is open for students belonging to any background. However, it mostly depends on the course that you opted for in your graduation, and how it will benefit you while doing your MBA.

  1. Are the Liberal Arts courses offered through BA?

Yes, some multiple universities and colleges offer Liberal Arts courses. However, the duration of a BA in Liberal Arts is four years.

  1. Can I get a job in a media organization after completing my BA?

Yes, completion of a BA degree can let you explore the top-most sectors of media organizations, some of those job opportunities include the roles of  Journalist, Editor, Reporter, Content Writer, Translator, etc. Moreover, some of the best BA colleges in Jaipur provide proper training and guidance to the students, to secure a job in such sectors. 



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