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Tips to improve student attendance

Student attendance percentages started going down since online classes emerged. Although this might not be the case with all institutions and courses, it is common for most school students to not attend online classes. It might be either because they are not interested enough, or they find difficulty in joining and understanding through the screen. Whatever the reason might be for low attendance, our goal is to solve it.

With a proper Institute ERP system that defines regulations and rules for students and teachers, students can realize the importance of attending their classes. But does logic always motivate students to join classes? They don’t because they’re simply not interested, and they might be aware that they are missing out on important lessons in between. Sometimes it simply does not matter whether a lesson is important or not, mood has become an important factor. This is a generalization and might not be the case for every student.

However, here are some tips that teachers can use to improve the percentages of students present in the attendance management system in every classroom. The best thing about these tips is that it applies to every student and every condition or situation that is stopping them from attending classes;

Grade students based on attendance percentages

Everyone loves getting marks for free, or by doing something that does not cost them much stress or time. If teachers start assigning marks to students based on their attendance percentages, it might motivate them to attend the classes.

Some universities follow this method. For children who have 95% attendance or more, the full 10 marks are assigned as credit. For the range 75% to 95%, 7 marks are assigned, and for students below 60%, no marks are assigned. similarly, if the school adapts this method, students will be encouraged to join classes because they know that the percentage of their attendance can win them some extra free marks.

In ensuring that they get these marks, they also attend the classes and benefit academically.

Co curricular activities

No one likes to come to classes for only lectures every day. this is the same for online classes to come looking at this screen and constantly watching presentations or watching with a teacher through the screen is not a very fun and interesting thing to do. The only motivating factor here is that they gain knowledge, which the students are not very dedicated about. Arranging extracurricular activities once in a while can change that.

Having online co-curricular activities will need a lot of effort and innovation, which is why you can also assign the task of arranging the activities to every student. They might attend the classes all week just waiting for their end so that they can discuss the activities with other classmates. Eventually, they will be regularly doing their classes, and the idea of excitement before joining a class and anticipation involved will become an everyday factor for them. If teachers can have informative Co curricular activities, it does the task of educating as well as entertaining students, both of which are required to keep performing better at school.

Rewarding students

An institution has various categories and criteria for rewarding students, based on their general overall school activity, participation in activities, excellence in academics, and so on. One such category is also for students who had a 100% attendance score. This can be unrealistic at times. Schools can try to change the 100% attendance criteria to at least 98% because this considers those students too who have missed classes not by choice but by circumstances.

Get the parents involved

Getting parents involved is one of the last things schools or teachers should do. This is because it mostly demotivates students and discourages them from attending a class because they feel a grudge towards the school management. But sometimes it is important to involve a parent because students tend to abuse the lenience provided.

Modified teaching techniques

If the teaching techniques are not interactive or educational enough, students lose interest in classes. Besides, because students don’t like to attend classes, teachers can also improve themselves by adapting various diversified teaching techniques. Student engagement is the most important aspect that teachers should include in classrooms.



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