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How To Plan A Spring BBQ At Home

One of the best ways to spend a springtime afternoon is to have a backyard barbeque with family and friends. You can cook some delicious food, enjoy some drinks and catch up with your loved ones, all the while appreciating the pleasant weather that spring inevitably brings. The question is though, what are some good ways to set up a successful BBQ event? Here are some tips on how to do this.

Step 1: Plan your setup

You want to make sure that your setup is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. Perhaps you have already got a well-set-up area and not much needs to be done but if you are a first-timer, you might need to put in some work to make your outdoor setup viable. One of the main considerations is how many people you could feasibly entertain without it becoming too crowded. This may mean you might need to remove some plants or furniture, or perhaps create a liveable area that has otherwise been unused. You also want to create a relaxed atmosphere which can include a nice flower-filled garden, cover for if it rains, ease of movement to the kitchen and bathroom, and overall spaciousness

Step 2: Food Preparation

It is important to plan in advance what food is going to be served at your BBQ. Some people may be vegan or vegetarian, while others may have certain food allergies that need to be catered to. If you are well prepared and send out invites, you can ask in advance if anyone has issues with certain foods and you can prepare accordingly. You may also advise that people can bring some of their own food along if they want to culinarily add to the celebration. Making sure you are well stocked is also a must which is why knowing the rough number of people attending helps. This way you can buy some of your foods in large quantities early such as sausages, hamburger meat, and steaks, and freeze or refrigerate them. 

Step 3: Make it an event

Step 4: Plan for inclement weather

Spring is usually a lovely time of the year temperature-wise, but there can be instances of cold weather and rainy storms. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If you plan on having a mainly outdoor event, you may want to have some umbrellas on hand or even set up some marquees if your backyard is big enough. That way if there is an unexpected storm, then your guests can still be safely covered from the rain. Having an indoor area set up for the unanticipated is also a good idea for the comfort of your guests.



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