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Here Is How You Can Be Accepted To Euphoria High?

So you have seen the show that everyone is talking about from the classy Maddy-cassie fight to hating on Jacob as a community. But what the fashion enthusiast are actually sooning over is the fashion and the dressing inspirations from the HBO hit.

From Jule’s flashy hairstyles to Maddie’s iconic looks to Cassie’s eye fluttering cute outfits this show has tons to offer to people who are into fashion would love this! So what does it takes to get into Euphoria High? Let’s find out!

Pastel Balayage Hair

Pastel Balayage Hair fit for Euphoria High
Pastel Balayage Hair fit for Euphoria High

The iconic HBO series Euphoria is famous. Aside from the important narrative issues that need to be handled, we are tuning in to enjoy the visual feasts. Pastel balayage and hues are just perfect to go with anything Euphoria. The hues, glamour, and funk that it brings to the table can never be compared with anything we’ve ever seen.


From trendy Balayage Hair to the most daring looks, the Euphoria characters are dressed to grab attention. Season 2 is off to a wonderful start, with flawless make-up and bold hair like balayage hair. And we are here to get you Euphoria fever with colors!


The Viral TikTok Euphoria Trend 

Euphoria HIgh Style : Bright Balayage hair? Check! Bright eye shadow? Check! 

Tiktok, the video-focused social media, is having a blast with creators dressing and styling their looks that look straight out of the Euphoria series. The viral TikTok trend began earlier in early Jan 2022 with the creator @ellio spaghettio. 


The TikTok video shows him changing from a regular school outfit to a more bold and skin-revealing outfit and look. That video has 4 million views and counting. 


Creators are chiming in to ridicule the show’s fondness for extravagant attire. Some of the more impressive Euphoria makeovers so far include bright balayage hairstyles, bodycon dresses, and a bra top fashioned of masks were all worn by a mother-daughter combination. 


The overarching theme is that the more daring and avant-garde your ensemble, the more likely you will fit in at Euphoria High. 


The semester has begun, and your homework is to slay!

The Iconic Looks

Maddy inspired look 


As we mentioned earlier, the binge-worthy show is iconic when it comes it their iconic looks. Euphoria characters deliver iconic look after look that is aesthetically pleasing.


Maddy’s attire reflects her rough and cynical character perfectly. Maddy, like her character, is bold and doesn’t play it safe when it comes to her looks and styles. Her outfits are mostly black and dark colors to express her tough personality. 


 Jules’s style is expressive for a fondness for layers. A typical Jules look includes balayage hair and a combination of flimsy blouses, box pleated skirts, chunky skate shoes, and a bunny purse. Her iconic balayage hair look includes the pastel pink hair dye that expresses her curious and free-sprite nature.


As for Cassie, her character can be called a residential damsel in distress. Her style, like her character, is experimenting with how to be at ease in her skin. But as the show ends in a very tricky adn twisty situation, let us see how that goes for the charcter and its development. And let’s not forget that outfits and looks that she’ll be serving in the next one.


Final Thoughts


Euphoria addresses real-life issues that high school adolescents encounter and uses their aesthetics to convey their struggles. While the characters may be showy and over-the-top at times, viewers can relate to them as they grow to be comfortable in their skin.


With Gen-Z’s in love with show it has managed to captive some love from the millennials too and slowly but steadily have made it’s place in everyone’s heart. So if you are someone who follows the trends religiously then go ahead and go through the plethora of choices that the show has to offer when it comes to hairstyles, outfits, looks and the aesthetic and cenematic take on the overall show.

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