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5 Ways to Optomize Your Google Ads for Success

So if you’re going to go to the trouble of creating an ad for your business you want it to work. You’ve already put the hard work into creating your product so the selling should be the easy part, right? The thing is, there are hundreds of ads being emblazoned across our screens every day as we spend more of our time online. So, how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? Here are five ways to make your ads work for you.


                       Much like the buzzwords on a CV that will land that dream job interview, the words you use to advertise your product are what draws the customers in. When they do a Google search they are going to be drawn to words that describe what it is they’re looking for without having to scroll through pages of results. Put yourself into the shoes of the consumer. What words would you use to find your product? Whatever words you would expect your ad to be relevant to, make sure they appear in the headlines as well as the descriptions.

2.Eye catching headlines.

                                            Sounds simple, but an eye-catching headline can be really effective. You want to tell potential customers exactly what it is you’re selling in a way that their interest is piqued enough to get that initial click. Bear in mind that algorithms play a massive part in who gets to see your ad so you want that headline to really appeal to the individual as well as stand out enough for them to want to explore further. Your google ads success depends on making sure you’ve a catchy headline. 

3.A great description.

                                        Next, that potential customer wants to know why they should buy your product over someone else’s product. There may be numerous deciding factors that contribute towards a sale so customers need to know why your product is the one for them. Can they find exactly what they’re looking for from you? Can you meet their needs? What can you do for them that no-one else can? This can all be covered with a great description which will hook customers in.


                       Once you have the customer’s attention you’ll want to keep it. People quickly lose interest if your site does not match up to the expectations created by their search. Keep all relevant information together so the customer can see that you have exactly what they are looking for so that those clicks convert to sales.

5.Key information

                                  Lastly you want to make sure that when people click through to your site, they are given options for their next steps. If this means providing a phone number then make sure this is prominently featured and kept up to date. The last thing you want is people trying to contact you using a discontinued number. If your site has an online chat facility make sure it’s easily accessible. The same with an FAQ section, and if you are fortunate enough to have any customer testimonials this will go a long way to creating more custom.




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