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Hands on how to choose a mattress 2022

After seven years of sleeping on the mattress by the children a bounce, directly scrapped, so this summer I was faced with the difficult choice of mattress!

Took a month, try to sleep on 8 brands of mattresses, comprehensive comparison down, I finally picked a sleep and price are online mattress, here to share with you the experience of choosing a mattress.

First of all, stress the point that before buying a mattress must be clear about their needs, or it is easy to buy a mattress that is not suitable. Summarized the pit I was buying a mattress to step on, not to say that can help you choose the mattress at once, but can grasp the general direction not to get lost.

[Mattress purchase demand self-test]

How to choose a mattress for yourself

Seen a lot of V science to select the mattress method, the conventional operation is to give you a map to see the spine, lying side sleep still ensure that the natural curve of the spine is a good mattress. But the normal situation is that you go to try to sleep at all can not see their own spine, let the family help you shoot, and then take each picture to do a comparison, and too much trouble.

So still have to practice, whether lying flat or side sleep, if you can achieve the waist does not hang, the state of the abdomen does not fall, sleep is also particularly comfortable, basically eight or nine is not far off.

What to pay attention to before buying

1. The size and thickness of the mattress

Mattress size, I originally had a bed frame at home, choose the standard 1.8 * 2m can be. The height of this aspect does not remember, re-measured.

[bed + bed frame] The conventional height is about 50-55cm, and the bed in my house is 27cm high, which means the height of the mattress cannot exceed 28cm, so there are still many choices.

But like those families who have installed tatami mats and high box beds, they should be more cautious and measure carefully according to the height of the bed, after all, they have to jump high before going to bed, which is a bit hard to do.

2. What is the right budget?

Not that the more expensive mattress is the better, according to their own consumption level to buy best mattress suitable for themselves, sleep comfortable on the line. Sometimes several thousand and tens of thousands of mattresses, the difference in sleep is actually not so big, after all, the material on those. Then 10,000 yuan or even more expensive mattress does exist some brand premium, this depends on your personal choice, the budget is less to choose cost-effective, more than the budget, open to choose, save time.

3. Spring how to choose?

I believe that most people in the selection of mattresses, more or less can distinguish between independent pocket springs and the difference between the whole network spring! After all, each sale will speak again.

Want to be quiet and anti-interference, you can sleep together with two couples mattress, the first choice of independent pocket spring is right.

But to be breathable, or to see the whole net spring. 4.

4. As for the related gimmicks

the so-called gold spine protection, is another way of saying hard mattress.

And partitioned springs, not very suitable for us ordinary people, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, too many restrictions, just buy ordinary springs. Refer to this picture you will understand.

5. Is it necessary to buy anti-mite fabric?

Anti-mite fabric is still effective, but the sprayed anti-mite coating fabric will slowly fail over time, and can not completely replace the mattress maintenance.

And ordinary fabrics can also achieve a comfortable sleeping environment through proper care.

Therefore, the difference between the two is not particularly large, mainly depends on how the mattress price. If you can buy an anti-mite mattress within the right price point is a good plus, but if the mattress premium is too high, there is no need to buy. (Of course the rich big guy can ignore)

6. Mattress choice what kind of good?

At the time of selection found on the market and removable mattress for sale, compared to the difference between it and the traditional mattress, it is quite good.

Most people buy a mattress home after basically not to move it, say a sleep to the end of the earth also. In fact, the traditional mattress stored in this way is easy to accumulate dust, breeding bacteria. Conditions, focus on environmental safety friends can try removable Gel Memory Foam Mattress For sale, easy to clean. Second, this type of mattress material transparent, cost-effective.

At present, I summarize the pit points on so many, to see if you have to perfect the place. Next is my real test sleep feeling, mainly from the mattress information, cost effectiveness, sleep feeling, environmental protection degree and other aspects to do comparison.



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