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Play archery games online and win real cash awards

Though most games these days promise that that there are rewards that can be won if played, chances are quite slim. Chance plays an important role in current games, but sports games do have a sure shot winner based on a player’s dexterity and how well the player holds his nerves during the during the game session.

An archery game is made based on how skillful and adept the player is. There is no pay-to-win scheme in this game. A player can never win this game based on sheer dumb luck. Archery games give the player better odds at winning.  

How do archery games work? 

Archery games simulate the conditions of a real-world archery field with weather factors and ggivethe player a target to hit with a limited number of arrows given to the player. It gives the player a stipulated amount of time to play in one round. Weather factors can range from windy to too windy, and it can start blowing from any direction. A player should know how to counter that wind strength and change the direction of the arrow accordingly so that it hits the target. 

An archery video game also tests the player’s ability to hit the target at varying distances. An arrow will lose the flight trajectory due to gravity and drag forces. The arrow may end up hitting the ground due to the factors mentioned if the target is at quite a distance from the player. 

Unlike a money game, where players pool their money, but the AI may end up winning the game and taking the top spot, archery involves real players with rivaling skills, and winning the game can feel like an achievement. 

The players feel more invested in the game because they are playing a time-bound video game with a real person on the other side. 

If the players feel like they lack the skill or if they need to brush up their fingers to make their reflex actions faster and more responsive to the prompt on the phone screen, they can enter the practice mode of the game. 

Laddering difficulty

An unbalanced archery game can cause the players to lose patience and feel irritated. But a step-by-step increase in the difficulty can engage the players and retain them for longer periods. 

It can keep them playing other games and exploring alternatives if they feel that the reward system is balanced. 

Initially, the players will get guidance from a tutorial to tackle the challenges the game throws at them. An archery video game can feel ‘arcade’-y at times but does work on the principle of easy to play, hard to master trope. 

Challenges to tackle

As the player goes on leveling up, the challenges become tougher. In primary levels, the game gives a stationary target, and the player stays still. As the game progresses and the gamer gains more XP points by completing certain challenges, the targets can be more than one and can move. The movement of the target can be from side to side, from back to forth, or the other way around. Slowly the pacing of the target can change too.

The target can move at higher speeds at a higher level. The player will have to have a steady hand because, at advanced levels, the element of holding your breath comes in. So, while targeting, the player gets a short window of time to hold their breath and target efficiently. 

Achievements in the game

A completionist will always want to get 100% completion of achievements. The game can give daily objectives to complete for the player to win rewards. Once the objectives are complete the game gives rewards like skill points, skins for arrows, and common, rare, epic, and legendary loot. 

The main objective of the game is to hit the bullseye. In multiplayer mode, people will compete in three rounds. If a person hits the bullseye, then the player gets a score multiplier. At the end of all rounds, the score is cumulated. If the scores are the same, the game goes into the tie-breaker round where both players are given a series of tough challenges to go through. Multiplayer modes are accompanied by a ranked system like bronze, silver till platinum. Winning a game in ranked mode can increase the rank and help win better and rarer rewards. But the downside is that ranked games attract a penalty on the rank if the player loses the game. 

Final take

In conclusion, an archery game is becoming an increasingly favorite game for a quick and engaging game session. And with the implementation of the Unity engine in handheld games, the games are becoming more immersive with better graphics and physics systems. All of it culminates in the player enjoying the thrill of shooting an arrow in a simulated environment. 



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