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How to know which roti chakla belan set is perfect for your kitchen?

 The Chakla Belan is one of the indispensable tools of any Indian kitchen, and no Indian dish can do without soft and fluffy roti. And what better way to prepare them than without chakla and Blaine’s stacked in the corner? While some cooking items are popular with rolling dough on a kitchen stand, so one of the best kitchen equipment is Roti Chakla Belan Set. 

What are the types of roti chakla belan set on the market?

The ideal chakla should have a smooth surface that is scratch-free and easy to maintain with simple washing and wiping. It is also essential to ensure that the material of the chakla is appropriate for the weather conditions in which it is being used.

Marble: Smooth white marble is a trendy choice for chakla. You can make sure the surface of the chakla is properly polished without calcification. One major disadvantage of marble chakla is that it can be heavy for some users, and improper handling can cause uneven chips.

Wood: Another popular material for chakla. The wood is suitable for beginners. It is not fragile, light and easy to handle. However, it is essential to keep the wooden surface of the chakla completely dry because its organic nature tends to attract mould and mildew.

Granite: Granite gives a smooth surface and is not easily broken; however, the disadvantage is that it can be quite heavy. This means that handling with caution is essential as falls can cause serious injury.

Glass: It is another luxurious material used to make chakla. This is not an ordinary glass but toughened glass. Many glass chakla is designed to be lightweight, with five legs for stability.

Silicone: The rolling silicone mat is the latest innovation in the kitchen equipment industry. This rolling mat also comes with a measurement of the rolled dough size and other parameters. In addition, this mat can be washed, wiped and cleaned thoroughly.

What are the benefits of using a wooden chakla?

  • It is relatively easy to maintain and lasts a long time too.
  • Make your kitchen unique.
  • The wood is bacteria-free if cleaned properly.
  • Roti prepared on chakla belan sticks will be scar-free.

How to choose the best chakla?

Roti Chakla Belan Set is smooth round boards made of marble, wood or plastic. It is used for roti rolls, parathas or other flours. It has a smooth surface for ironing. A rolling pin is used to roll the dough onto these plates. It is available in a wide range of sizes and can be accessed in showcases under different brand names and in different materials. Sometimes a flawless surface on the kitchen stage can also be used as a moving board.

When buying from the market, you can choose the desired material from alternatives such as marble, stone, wood, etc., and the dimensions meet your prerequisites. It guarantees that the surface is level and smooth without cracks or openings on the top surface. It should be even and not shake when kept on a flat surface. Chakla is an integral part of your kitchen.



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