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5 Ways to Flaunt Trendy Looks with Amama’s Food-Inspired Jewellery Collection: Bon Appétit

Are you tired of regular and old jewellery designs? We know how monotonous and boring it can get to see the same pattern of earrings for women. So, we decided to change this narrative and add new, innovative designs for everyone to flaunt. If you are looking for out-of-the-box jewellery designs, you must not miss this collection. 

Introducing Amama’s food-inspired jewellery collection. Designed to bring food and jewellery, your favourites, one step closer to each other. This amazing collection is stylish, funky and the perfect modern party wear earrings. Here are 5 ways to flaunt trendy looks with this amazing jewellery collection.

Play with Style: Discover Amama’s Classic Fruit Loop Earrings.

Summers are all about fun and pop colours, such as yellow, orange and green. Just like the citrus-based fruits such as lemon and orange. For all the cheerful and playful women out there, it is time for you to dress up in a citrusy summer outfit. 

Pull out solid-coloured pants from your wardrobe in bright shades of yellow and orange. You can go for baggy pants, straight-fit pants or even a flared cut. Pants offer you full cover for your legs and protect them from tanning by the harsh. Sun rays. Pair this with a funky print shirt. Complete this look with the classic fruit loop earrings by Amama and sunglasses. And you are all set to enjoy a cool summer look. 

Sweet and chic: The Personalised Croissant Charm Bracelet 

What does a sweet look remind you of? Pink and croissants? Yes, that’s what we think about this look too. 

Grab the prettiest pink coloured outfit from your wardrobe. Here are some amazing ideas for you to make it a great combination. A pink coloured blouse with great fitted high waist jeans. You can also go for an A-line straight dress with a jacket or shrug to protect your hands from the sun. Pair it with a chunky personalised croissant charm bracelet. This bracket is available in the shade of gold. It comes with two charms; one is of a croissant, and the other is a letter charm. You can easily customise this bracelet and add any letter you want. This personalised bracelet goes great with your pink outfit for a sweet and chic look, and it is the perfect modern party wear.

Achieve savory sensational look with the Pretzel Locket Necklace 

Looking for an edgy everyday office look to show off your boss vibes? The savoury, sensational look is just what you are looking for. It offers you a chic and fitted look that makes you look bold and elegant.

Pull your favorite pencil skirt for your wardrobe. Opt for a fitted A-line skirt to give you a slimmer and lifted look. For the top, select a complementary crisp cotton shirt in solid colours such as burgundy, maroon and ochre yellow. If you wish to go over the top, put on a vest blazer to complete the look.

Put on a gold pretzel locket necklace to go with this combination. The best part about this necklace is that you can customize it by adding another letter charm to it. 

Glam and shine look with our famous Pome Necklace 

Need an outfit inspiration for your party animal? This glam and shine look is just what you need. Go and find the shiniest gold, red or hot pink coloured dress that you can. You can go for a high slit cocktail dress or a knee length bodysuit, depending on the type of party you need to go to. Opt for something with more sequins to add the extra glam.

Pair this with our famous Pome necklace. This chunky piece of jewellery has studded sparkle stones that will complement your outfit perfectly. You can also add original pearl earrings to this look.

Farm inspired outfits pair greatly with these Strawberry Studs 

If you are planning to attend any events related to sustainability or organic farming, this outfit is perfect. And what says farms are better than a flowy floral dress? Find the prettiest floral dress for your racks. You can go with a white dress with pink flowers or a green dress with cute little sunflowers on it. To complete this look, you can add high boots and a cowboy hat. This will offer you a more earthy look.

Complete the outfit by pairing it with our elegant and beautiful gold strawberry studs. These studs are perfect for your ears as they offer you an edgy yet delicate look. Since these are real gold earrings for women, they go well with every outfit you have planned.


Food inspired jewellery is a great hit this summer season. If you wish to check out more such amazing food-inspired jewellery, check out Amama. They have a wide variety of jewellery pieces that you can check out, from bracelets to necklaces to earrings. From chic and elegant to chunky and heavy looks, you can find it all at Amama.



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