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Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Severe injuries can cost you thousands – or even millions – in medical treatment, not to mention lost wages from missing work. A personal injury attorney can help you recover these costs. Look for an attorney who seems passionate during your consultation. This shows they’re committed to their job and want the best results for their clients.

They Have Experience

Personal injury lawyers know the statute of limitations, insurance laws, and how to establish negligence. They also know what to look for and how to build your case, which can greatly affect how much you get in a settlement.

Many injury attorneys have relationships with specialists, such as accident reconstruction experts, doctors, forensic experts, and economists, to help strengthen your case and support your claims. This enables you to get a higher settlement because the insurer knows you’re serious about your claim and is prepared to fight in court if necessary.

They Can Negotiate Better

A personal injury attorney negotiates with the insurance companies to ensure that you receive maximum compensation. After all, these professionals work daily to pressure insurance companies into respecting victims’ rights and providing fair settlements.

Using medical and financial experts they can help you determine the amount of current and future economic damages, including lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and other fees related to your injury or illness. When deciding to take your personal injury case, you’ll need to work with lawyers with experience to know what the insurance company should pay you based on past settlements for similar claims.

Insurance companies try to encourage claimants not to hire attorneys by trying to save money and pressure them to accept a low-ball offer. A lawyer will protect you from this by handling negotiations with the insurance company, freeing you to focus on your recovery.

They Can Help You Get a Higher Settlement

A personal injury lawyer will work to gather all the evidence at their disposal, including medical documentation of your injuries, receipts from expenses related to the accident and property damage, and documents showing lost earnings from being unable to work. This will help them demonstrate the full extent of your losses.

An experienced attorney can deal with the insurance companies for you, which will take a lot of pressure off you. They know how to level the playing field with insurance companies and prove your case’s worth.

They’ll also work with healthcare professionals to assess the severity of your injuries and ensure you receive a fair settlement that covers your medical costs, future needs, and pain and suffering. Research shows that claimants who hire lawyers end up with settlements that are three and a half times higher than those without attorneys. This is because insurance companies treat claimants with attorneys more seriously.

They Can Help You Fight in Court

When an accident occurs, you might have expenses related to your medical care, lost income from time away from work, and other costs. Insurance companies might offer a low settlement to make the process go quickly, but an experienced lawyer will fight for all your damages. Personal injury lawyers often gather information about the incident, including documents, photographs, and video footage. They also perform a thorough liability analysis, reviewing laws and legal precedents. They identify all parties that could be held responsible for your damages based on negligence and fault.

For example, if a defective product injures you, your attorney will likely have the product stored or submitted for non-destructive testing. They will notify the manufacturer, employer, and other companies that might be liable under a theory of vicarious liability, holding them accountable for the actions of their employees when those actions are negligent. 



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