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Split PDF files free – 3 best ways

PDF, which was created by Adobe in 1992, quickly became a vital tool for scholars since it is so simple to save and share. At the same time, no matter what program or system you use to access PDF files, the style and content will remain unchanged, and the information contained in the files will not be lost. Official papers, contracts, and other significant documents will thus be kept in PDF format.

As the need for PDF grows, so does the demand for PDF editing. In many cases, you’ll need to remove pages from a PDF file or combine numerous pdf files. You may substantially increase the efficiency of your job if you have the finest PDF merging and splitting tools. If you wonder how to split PDF files, you may take a look at the following tools. 

  • is an online tool that you can use for most of your PDF operations on the internet. It is also possible to use this tool and split PDF files free. The efficiency of this tool will help you to get the job done without keeping a doubt or a second thought in mind. 

Before you split PDF with, you can upload it to the website. It is possible to drag and drop the file for uploading. Or else, you can even import the PDF file from a cloud storage solution such as Google Drive and Dropbox. After that, the rich PDF editor will help you to split the PDF files according to the preferences that you have. Once you are done with splitting, you can separate PDF files to your device. 

  • iLoverPDF

For your convenience, iLoverPDF provides free online PDF merge and split tools. It’s accessible on the web and may be installed on both Windows and Mac computers as desktop applications.

To divide PDFs, this program offers two options. The first is to customize the dividing pages to divide PDF pages. The second option is to extract all of the pages or only the ones you need. Both of these strategies are simple to use. If there are more than two files, they will be stored as Zip files. You may also merge many PDF files into a single document.

  • PDF2Go

On the site, PDF2Go creates a visual explosion of all of its capabilities. It gives more tailored function in certain areas like a robust PDF splitter and merging.

It offers several extra options, such as “Split PDF into equal halves” and “Split PDF every few pages,” to assure your continued interest in its PDF splitter. When you split PDF pages, you may use the preview interface to decide which pages to keep or remove. When you merge PDF pages, however, this does not function. You can only view the PDF files’ cover thumbnails, and you can’t change the arrangement of the actual pages. What’s more, it allows you to change the output size of PDF files such as A3, A4(Standard), A4(Small), letter, and so on.



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