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Popular Puzzle Games Which Enhance Players’ Cognitive Abilities 

Puzzle games are the ultimate vision and mental exercise players can get daily. It is up to the players to decide which of these games excites their brain the most and pushes them to excel and develop their gameplay. Regardless of their choice, they are always in a beneficiary situation as these games help make you smart along the way. 

Puzzle games are a part of history where they were initially a part of European culture and later became a worldwide phenomenon. Early European mapmakers sketched and designed maps of several places and stuck them together to make a whole. Since then, this idea has been carried forward to present the idea puzzles using visual and numerical values.

 The modern puzzle games also walk the same path, do similar things for the player, and go further with their level of variance and representation. Let’s check out some of the best puzzle games that enhance the cognitive essence of every player who takes the time to indulge in them.

Bomb Club

This is a game of curiosity offered to you by the Android market. As a player, you have to solve the mystery and, in the meantime, dig out bombs from within the game, which is part of the gameplay. The game is very entertaining, and to specifically stay along those lines, it has introduced several characters that make it fun and engaging for gamers of all ages. The game’s background music is also very interesting and is bound to keep you in a state of flow so that you have no distractions while enjoying the game to its fullest.

 Your main objective as the player is to execute every bomb at all game levels. It is impossible to get bored in the game as, along with the complexity of each level, there are also varieties in the bomb: baby bombs, laser bombs and mega bombs, which make each detonation a unique experience.

MPL Sudoku

If you are a fan of puzzle games that involve numbers, then this one is the best game for you. MPL has taken the classic game of Sudoku and turned it into an amazing version that everyone can enjoy and play whenever they have time on their hands. It is impossible to get bored as this ranks as one of the most difficult puzzle games on this list.

 In the game, you have to arrange numbers in a 9X9 grid so that the numbers are not repeated in any rows or columns. There are three variants of Sudoku, namely Killer Sudoku, Doof Sudoku and Hyper Sudoku, which are the most popular ones to play among loyal players of MPL Sudoku. You can play Sudoku online in MPL by downloading the app available on their website or get a copy directly from the app store. This game heavily increases your learning curve and impacts your memory, improving your ability to grasp things quickly and more logically in real life.

Samsara Room

This game is spooky and something loved by everyone once in a while when they are bored by the generally bright and colorful games they might encounter based on the lines of puzzle games. Samsara room gratifies your sense of the eerie and develops your escapist abilities. In this game, you must remember the necessity to keep a calm mind, maneuver through the map with many tactics, and get out of the room. The opaque and muted colours make it calming in nature if you are not already creeped out by the general gothic output. 

The game’s brief is that you must make your way through rooms with green pastel walls, but there is more to it than what might be seen as a third person. Telling more about it would reveal the mystery, so it’s best you get the game, experience it firsthand, and cultivate your senses of venturing into the unknown.

Two Dots

In this amazingly simplistic game of connecting dots, all you have to do to win is connect all the dots on the map. The rules governing this game are very simple, and you can learn it easily within a couple of matches. The game, however, gets very complex in the later stages. Two Dots makes you think about your choices repeatedly, making it something you must keep learning in every instance. 

The game has many levels, and after you cross level 35, you can unlock another mode of playing known as Expedition, which again forces you to take a different route of thinking in future matches. The backing soundtrack for the game is also very soothing and offers a relaxing atmosphere when your mind has to work more complexly.


The main aim of the game is to tell a story through the process of rearranging illustrated panels. There aren’t many rules that bind the game, but the main idea lies in you telling a story. The visuals are exquisite, and players are bound to have a gala while playing the game. 

The easiest way to understand the game is that it takes you into the realm of a graphic novel where players, as the main character, have a journey in the game. As you solve the images and reveal the story, you will find the lead character growing old and ageing as the game reaches its end while revealing villains and completing a chapter for the main story. The story factor makes the game interesting and a must-play for all comic book lovers as it makes you the book’s protagonist and provides you with a sense of purpose that reflects how you handle things in your daily life.

Final Words

Puzzle games affect our minds in ways that other games do not generally do. They are the best ways to spend time daily, work your brain cells, and cultivate new knowledge that helps propagate basic brain functions and improves our reactive capacities in normal situations. The games on the list are the best you can find on the internet, proving to be more beneficial to you on a biological level than kinds.



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