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Creating Regular Content For YouTube As A Busy Individual? Tips For You

Are you a busy YouTuber and out of content for your Video collections? Looking for great video tips? You are at the right place, and here we have some amazing video ideas to help you create more awesome videos.

Creating regular content for YouTube can be difficult, especially if you’re a busy individual with other responsibilities. However, it’s possible to squeeze in some time for this purpose. Here are some tips to help you create regular YouTube content. If you are looking for the best ways, I am sure this post will be useful for you.

Collaboration with other content creators


If you are a busy individual who wants to make YouTube videos but is also a creator, collaboration with other creators can be a great idea. You don’t have to make the same type of content as your collaborator, but you can complement their work. For example, you could create special mentions or do off-camera collaborations. The collaboration doesn’t have to be monetary. You can simply collaborate by lending your skills and expertise.

Collaborating with other YouTube creators is not difficult if you follow the steps listed below.

  • The first step is identifying the content that you both have to offer. While large YouTube creators won’t necessarily shy away from smaller creators, starting small with a single, popular YouTube channel is better. Small YouTube channels typically have engaged audiences and create high-quality content. This means collaboration with a smaller creator is more likely to result in a fruitful outcome.
  • Another great way to collaborate with other YouTube creators is through two-video collabs. This strategy involves two creators who each create a video. In addition, their videos can have complimentary content, and they can drive traffic between each other. A famous example of two-video collabs was a video from Anne-Marie & Ed Sheeran, which received over 125 million views. Remember, cross-promotion is crucial if you want your collabs to succeed.
  • The next step is to create a collaboration pitch. Collaborations are great ways to grow your audience and create new content. You should develop an eye-catching pitch to approach potential collaborators. If you can manage to convince a collaborator, they’ll likely accept your proposal. When you’ve done this, you can then begin contacting them. The more collaborations you have, the more successful your videos will become.
  • One common way to collaborate with other YouTubers is by contacting other content creators and offering to do collabs. While this approach isn’t a foolproof solution, it’s an option for busy individuals who love creating videos. Moreover, you don’t have to contact random people to find a collaborator. You can do the collaborations through apps like Grin. For example, Hot Pepper Gaming features gaming YouTube stars being forced to eat hot peppers.

If you haven’t posted anything on your channel for six months, you should not expect a collaborator to offer help if you haven’t uploaded it in that time. It’s better to work on your upload rhythm before asking for help. Developing a good video idea is vital to reaching out to prominent YouTube creators. Describe your video collab idea in detail, including how the collaboration will benefit both parties. Ensure the collaborator also offers a clear plan on how to make the collaboration happen.

Use Social Media management and YouTube marketing tools and websites 

Use Social Media management and YouTube marketing tools and websites 

If you’re a busy individual who needs to post regularly on various social media sites using tools, then you should check Hootsuite. It’s a great option. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that will let you schedule your posts, moderate comments, and even share high-fives. It also allows you to manage multiple YouTube accounts. In addition, the platform also has features that help you measure your subscriber growth and identify the source of your traffic.

Using Hootsuite’s calendar interface makes it easy to keep track of upcoming social media content. You can easily drag and drop content from one tab, change the date, and collaborate on content creation. You can also preview your posts using the Composer tool, which displays them in the right format for social networks. You can see the content you’ve planned ahead of time and revert them to drafts if they’re not proving to be successful.

If you’re a busy individual and don’t have time to post regularly on social media sites, you can use Hootsuite’s dashboard. The dashboard refreshes every 10 minutes, or you can manually refresh it. You can also use the built-in monitoring tool called My Industry. This tool will help you find relevant conversations about your brand. You’ll also be able to reply to these conversations, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

You can also use automated video editing programs that will automatically do the editing for you, all you need is a script and the voice-over! There are many like this, such as Pictory or Wave Video. The website SocialMarketing90 has a full list of the available automated video editing softwares and social media management tools, which could really help you out to quickly find your best pick.

Lastly, why not outsource the content creation? There are so many freelancers on website like Upwork, not to mention that the are also services which do the whole YouTube video creation for you, and you just provide the keywords. Then, relax and upload the video when done! LenosTube has a similar Youtube video creation service where you just pick the titles, and they do everything for you!

So, I think we now shared plenty of ways to create more content for YouTube despite being a busy person. Now, time for a pro tip for you to easily get more views.

Extra Pro Tip: Using YouTube cards to prompt viewers to complete desired CTAs or get more views

Using YouTube cards to prompt viewers to complete your desired CTAs effectively drives traffic to your videos. Besides driving traffic to your website, cards can direct viewers to other videos and playlists that relate to the topic of your video or even specific locations of your site. Just make sure that the cards are displayed in the right places and that you use relevant content. Then, you can monitor the performance of your cards in Creator Studio, which has a dedicated section for cards.

YouTube cards are an interactive element that appears at the top right-hand corner of the screen while your video is streaming. They expand to showcase your website’s CTAs. For example, you can send your viewers to your artist’s website or download the song. To add a card to your video, click on the “i” icon in the top right-hand corner. Then, type the link or URL you want to display on the card.

While creating an action card, remember that it should not obstruct your video’s content. It should be relevant to the content of your video and encourage viewers to thumbs up, leave comments, or subscribe. To increase the retention rate of your videos, use an action card with your most engaging video. Then, use the action card to direct your viewers to another video or channel.

Then, you can use your card to link to other content, such as related videos or playlists. It is easy to miss these cards, and make sure you include your CTA verbally in your script. If you have a video that offers a free trial or demo, try incorporating the CTA verbatim in your script. This script can prompt viewers to subscribe or make a purchase.

Using YouTube business cards to share your video with others is an effective way to boost engagement. YouTube cards can be customized with a QR Code embedded in them. They’re easy to create, share, and access. Users simply scan the QR Code or click the URL prompt to watch your video. This allows you to track the success of your YouTube videos. With this, you can use the video to measure your audience’s engagement and effectiveness.

In addition to increasing your video’s views, using YouTube CTAs can increase your subscribers, watch time, and channel views. Since they blend into the video, they can provide a better user experience. YouTube CTAs can drive viewers to your website or social pages. It also has the benefit of directing viewers to a landing page. There are plenty of benefits to utilizing YouTube cards to prompt viewers to complete desired CTAs.


We hope these tips will help you create new and unique content for your Youtube channel. We also shared our pro tip for an easy yet underrated way to get many more views. We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!



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