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Using DeskFlex to Manage Your Bookings and Prevent the Spread of Infection

If you are looking for resource scheduling software, you should try DeskFlex. It is a leading provider of resource scheduling software that will help you manage your bookings and prevent infection. In addition to managing your individual bookings, DeskFlex can also manage your group bookings. You can even book a workstation from your mobile device. The software also helps you prevent the spread of infection and is compatible with Outlook calendaring.

DeskFlex is a leading provider of resource scheduling software

If you’re in the market for resource scheduling software, is a great option to consider. The company’s COVID-compliant features make it an excellent choice for schools, preventing COVID contamination and stimulating school reopening. Unfortunately, the global pandemic is keeping many students out of school, and there are no guarantees. While the Department of Education and other health authorities are trying to prevent the spread of the virus, desk booking software is essential to achieving these goals.

When looking for a resource scheduling software solution, many businesses make the mistake of using a free version of the software. Free software will not give you the flexibility or features that you need. For example, if you need to schedule multiple resources for your company, you’ll need a program that will help you manage each employee. DeskFlex is a leading provider of resource scheduling software.

It helps prevent the spread of infection

A cloud-based classroom scheduling and visitor management system from Epazz, Inc. can help organizations reduce the risk of the spread of infection on campuses. By automating conference room reservations, DeskFlex also tracks team members, so that the proper procedures are followed in the event of an emergency. Using DeskFlex can also help organizations avoid making no-show reservations. And since it helps to track staff members, the risk of infection is significantly reduced.

One of the most important features of DeskFlex is its Visitor Management System. This solution monitors and processes outside visitors. It can also be integrated with biometric scanners and surveillance cameras, which allow administrators to detect unwelcome visitors, such as deliverymen and customers. In addition to monitoring outsiders, DeskFlex also helps keep social distancing between employees and guests, which can prevent the spread of infection.

It allows you to manage group bookings

You’ll be glad you did once you learn how DeskFlex can manage group bookings in your business. This application enables you to manage group rules, send automated emails to members of a group, reserve rooms in a click, and even take payments. You can also set alerts to inform you if a guest has made a mistake and need to cancel their reservation. DeskFlex’s management reports provide accurate data about occupancy and the number of rooms available. It can also generate invoices and settlements, and even group them into one invoice.

One of the great benefits of DeskFlex is that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business. With its built-in customization features, DeskFlex allows you to tailor the system to your business’ needs, increasing productivity and helping your organization focus on its strengths. In addition, you can make reservations for rooms with no additional effort, such as those for business conferences. The system even allows you to manage group bookings from multiple locations, regardless of how many rooms you have.

It integrates with Outlook calendaring

When you are looking for the best software to manage your meetings and events, Deskflex is an excellent choice. This software integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook calendaring, allowing you to search, select, and book meetings and events right from your Outlook calendar. Deskflex is also highly configurable, with features such as social distancing policies and customized scheduling for operating rooms and classrooms. It even lets you add visitors and services to your meetings, making it easy to keep track of the people who are attending.

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used personal data management software that began as an email client and has evolved into a full-fledged suite that includes calendaring, journal logging, note-taking, and web browsing. Many organizations rely on this software for data sharing, scheduling, and appointment scheduling. With this integration, you can create a more organized approach to team collaborations and task management. DeskFlex allows you to sync Outlook calendaring with Microsoft Office and other applications, allowing you to set and manage appointments from within Outlook.

It provides precise occupancy measurements

With DeskFlex, you can get precise occupancy measurements for any space within your business. You can order these reports according to the type of workstations you have, or by client. This way, you can adjust the number of desks in your business accordingly. DeskFlex helps you maximize your space and make better use of your resources. Its intuitive booking system enables your employees to reserve desks, parking spaces, and phones. You can even set up block bookings or special rates for certain events. Then, you can automatically return any equipment that you don’t use.

For offices, DeskFlex is a powerful solution. It allows you to easily schedule meeting rooms and view their inventory. DeskFlex has features like check-in and reservation, point-and-click floor maps, and even Outlook integration. You can even manage conference rooms with the same system. Its flexible booking and management features are designed to fit into any business, from universities to colleges. You can even manage your business from home with DeskFlex.



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