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Dedicated development team. Main features.

Ten years ago, when creating digital products, the main alternative to hiring your own developers was to outsource the entire project to an outside contractor. In today’s world, things are changing rapidly, and mixed approaches like employee out staffing and staff augmentation are becoming popular.

 What is the Dedicated Team Model in Outsourcing

Now outsource dedicated software development teams are a model of cooperation with a digital service provider in which the client is provided with software development specialists on a long-term basis. The team of specialists is selected according to the requirements of the project, based on their experience and skills. Development management and coordination of the communication process can remain the responsibility of the implementer. The team usually works from the service provider’s office.

How it works

The main goal of this model is to quickly hire a team, which will make up for the lack of necessary knowledge and will work as your own. This format of interaction allows you to either completely replace the development staff, or to work together with an internal team, provided there is a clear division of responsibilities.

Stages of attracting a team:

  • Gathering requirements: the contractor examines the requirements of the project, and the wishes for the organization of the workflow;
  • Recruitment of specialists: experienced professionals with the right technology are recruited based on the requirements. This process may take several weeks;
  • Deployment of the team: responsible parties, preferred communication channels and management tools are defined at this stage. In some cases, a team leader is first introduced to the project, and then additional team members gradually join;
  • Reporting: hours spent on development are reported to the client according to a pre-agreed format. On the basis of these hours, a monthly invoice for services is issued.


What are the advantages that make the dedicated team model so popular?

  • Fast hiring: the vendor has a variety of specialists on staff, giving you access to talent and cutting-edge technology without the cost of hiring. And with no delays in launching your project, you won’t lose out on projected profits.
  • Scalable: You can increase and decrease the size of your team with one month’s notice to your supplier. You won’t have to fire your programmers, which will avoid the legal hassle of formal employment.
  • Partial delegation: minimal management effort is required on the client’s side, since administration and micromanagement are the responsibility of the vendor. The customer participates in important decisions that directly affect results and quality.
  • Transparency of processes: participation in management, means daily communication with the team. Thanks to this you always know what the developers are doing, how far they have progressed, what difficulties they have encountered.


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