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Candlesticks Pattern: Accurate Tool For Determining Price Movement?

Financial technical analysis tools are indispensable gadgets in all investors’ arsenals. They can assist in predicting the path and even the degree to which the price will shift, trading trends, and more. Generally, technical analysis is the discipline that uses various tools such as candlesticks patterns to make informative and reliable conclusions before investing or exiting/entering a position.

After making a trade, technical analysis tools can ensure that investors are ready for unexpected market moves and allow them to generate profits without considering the market’s movement position. But is a candlesticks pattern a powerful and accurate tool for determining price movement? Worry no more! This informative post will candlesticks patterns in Hindi and let you know if they are robust and accurate tools in determining price movement. Let’s get started!

What Is Candlestick Pattern?

A candlestick pattern makes it easy for investors of all assets, like currencies, commodities, and more, to see market sentiment and price action at a glance. They’re used broadly by technical investors to view trends, reversals, and continuations. Also, these patterns are the most preferred to bar charts since they offer a more informative visual depiction of the market.

In the bar chart’s case, the horizontal axis represents the period, while the vertical axis reflects the values. Each bar chart vertical line reflects the low mark and high point attained by an asset, and the green/black bar shows that the asset followed an uptrend during that period. The red bar shows that the asset followed a downtrend path during that time.

Moreover, bar charts have little ‘twigs’ extending to each bar’s right section and left side. The left twig’s vertical position shows the opening price or value, while the ‘right’ twig’s vertical position shows the closing price.

The candlestick patterns show similar details but in a bit different form. Candlesticks patterns forecast the asset’s price direction, demand, and supply path, a feature influencing the investor’s trading decisions.

How Accurate And Powerful Is The Candlestick Pattern?

Most novice investors get thrilled to apply candlestick patterns because they are hassle-free and offer informative details. They mainly prefer candlesticks to create patterns that share hints concerning the price’s path. However, don’t expect this to be the case in all situations.

Don’t expect to get each piece of information from candlestick patterns. For instance, you can’t use these patterns to explain the similarity or difference in the close & open data points. Therefore, it’s not recommended to rely only on candlestick patterns.

You can boost your trade results by including other technical analysis methods like resistance levels, trend direction, support levels, and oversold conditions. Combing candlestick patterns with the latest technical analysis and computing can boost their efficiency and, therefore, make it easy for you to enhance your trading strategies.

How Can Candlestick Patterns Determine Price Movement?

 Candlestick patterns show four critical details; low, high, close, and open. This information involves the prices of the assets attained over a particular period. These charts’ horizontal axis shows the time while the vertical axis displays the price.

Each candlestick’s body shows the asset’s closing & opening values or prices. Short candlesticks display a minor difference between the prices, while long candlesticks showa significant differences between the (opening & closing) prices. Green-colored candlesticks mean the asset’s closing price was higher than its opening price. On the other hand, red/solid candlesticks mean that the asset’s opening price was higher than its closing price.

Wicks are other features associated with candlestick patterns. Longer wicks mean the asset is more volatile, and you can find the period’s price range by subtracting the lowest value from the highest.


Generally, candlesticks help traders to identify probable price movements depending on past patterns. They play an indispensable role in trading because they display four primary price points around the period the investor specifies. Trading relies mainly on emotion and you can read this in candlestick patterns.



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