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6 Ways to Master Automated Marketing for E-Commerce

Online marketing takes a ton of time, money, and energy. What if there was a way to automate a lot of the repetitive tasks inherent in digital marketing, like posting blogs, writing copy, and making sure you post social media announcements on time? Turns out, there is: automation.

Modern automation tools and strategies allow you to set many of the day-to-day marketing tasks for your online business to a strict schedule. With the right techniques and tips, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy, plus free up manpower in your business for other tasks.

Not sure where to start? Check out these six strategies to automate marketing for your online business right away.

Use Marketing Templates

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to automate your business marketing is to use high-quality blog posts and email marketing templates. In brief, digital marketing templates are preset content outlines for things like blog posts, product descriptions, and even email newsletters.

Once you need to make a new bit of content, you can take one of these preset templates, then simply fill in the blanks. Alternatively, more in-depth preset templates can just be edited slightly before being sent out to your customers or posted on your website.

Templates are beneficial since they:

  • Save you a lot of time
  • Can work for a wide variety of content
  • Can easily be edited for up-to-date promotions, marketing messages, and more

Even better, whipping up quality marketing templates is easier than ever with tools like PosterMyWall. For example, you can use the online poster maker to create quality digital posters and advertisements for your business. Use the poster maker to make seasonal posters or templates for regular advertisements you put out every quarter or so.

You can even apply this principle to your social media marketing. Instagram post templates are perfect ways to automate your marketing while still keeping up with regularly scheduled social media content drops.

Use marketing templates everywhere you can and you’ll boggle at just how much time and energy you save in aggregate!

Leverage AI and Machine Learning Tools

There’s another great way you can automate marketing for your online business: take advantage of AI and machine learning tools.

These tools are more common than ever, and they can help you through automating content creation, content posting, and even market research and analysis. For example, is a helpful content writing tool that uses machine learning and AI processes to whip up blog posts and other written content from scratch.

All you have to do is provide Jasper with a few inputs and a description of the content you want it to generate. It’s fast, easy, and simple overall. While you do have to tweak what Jasper comes up with, it’s much faster than writing the content from scratch.

Through tools like this, even the most time-consuming part of digital marketing – creating content to provide to your target audience – can be streamlined and automated to some extent.

Automate Social Media Posts

By the same token, you should consider automating your social media posts with tools like Hootsuite and MeetEdgar. These tools are perfect for scheduling social media posts that you would otherwise have to post manually.

For example, every site has a different optimal number of posts you should make per day or per week. Facebook’s algorithm rewards you if you post once per day. Meanwhile, Twitter marketing usually does better if you make 15 distinct Tweets each day.

That’s a lot of time you have to spend posting on social media! If you don’t have a social media manager, automated tools can do all of this busy work for you. You can schedule posts ahead of time, and some automation tools can even put together fresh posts from existing content you feed into a repository or library.

Bottom line: automating social media posts can help you maximize your social media marketing’s return on investment without taking time to time.

Set Up Email Autoresponders

Email newsletters and other email marketing can also benefit from different tools and automation processes.

Specifically, you should start using email autoresponders. Autoresponders are, as their name suggests, automatic responses to consumers or site visitors who respond or click on one of your emails. Most sales aren’t made when you first contact a potential customer.

However, if you send a marketing email to a prospective lead, and the lead decides to sign up for your loyalty program or visit your site, an auto responder can:

  • Answer any questions that the lead might have
  • Provide further product recommendations or deals
  • And more

Use Email Marketing Tools

Similarly, you can and should lean into email marketing tools to automate:

  • When you send out emails to leads or customers
  • How often you send out emails

The best email marketing tools allow you to build and constantly edit or maintain email marketing lists. Then, when the time comes, such tools can send out emails en masse to your target audience without you having to lift a finger. Talk about time-saving!

Create and Maintain a “Content Library”

Lastly, consider creating and maintaining a special content library for all your automation tools and platforms. A content library is essentially a collection of multipurpose or evergreen content, such as blog posts, product descriptions, marketing email copy, and so on.

Once you build up a content library, you can use it to:

  • Quickly create blog posts or marketing emails using templates as described above
  • Provide social media marketing tools with new content or post headlines
  • And more

Wrap Up

All in all, it’s easier than ever to use high-quality automation tools to streamline digital marketing for your brand. The right automation strategies can free up a ton of time, let you focus on what really matters, and market effectively to customers without compromising quality. Try the above tips and tools today and you’ll see exactly what we mean!



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