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What to shoot to make promotion on YouTube easy

YouTube is the second fastest growing platform after Google. More than 2 billion people spend on the platform every month, spending an average of 12 minutes daily. In such a variety of audiences, it is easier for a business to contact its consumer.

In this article, we will analyze why your business should launch a channel and how to promote it without having to buy YouTube subscribers every month.

Why you should choose this platform

When you decide to buy something, where do you go to look at reviews or reviews? 90% of people look at product reviews on this platform before buying. 

YouTube is the place where almost every person comes daily. As a rule, these visits are more conscious than in other services, because here people are looking for information that is really important to them.

Here, brands and entrepreneurs can find more viewers aged 18-49 than with TV and radio. Therefore, on this platform, it is highly likely that you will not often have to buy real YouTube subscribers.

Loyalty increase

People trust people and people buy from people. When your business has a face that periodically appears on the screens of your consumer’s phone, and who is trusted, there is a high probability that the person will buy your product.

Wide audience

YouTube is present in over 100 countries and supports 80 languages. You can work for different countries and communicate with people. Through this service, an audience from the most remote countries can learn about you.

You can also tell about your business through advertising on other channels:

  • buy advertising from a blogger;
  • launch an ad that is shown before the video.

What to shoot to make promotion as easy as possible

Educational videos

The audience comes for the value. Educational content is on the rise now. People come here for help when choosing a phone, studying at the university or having a pet.

Educational videos are a good way to get your audience interested, retained and lead to a purchase. Through video content, your company can sell courses, share life hacks, or give helpful tips.

Entertainment content

64% of viewers are looking for exactly this. Pranks, challenges and humor channels have the potential to grow quickly.

Typically, the audience for entertainment content is children and teenagers. Due to the fact that a child can watch the same video several times, prank bloggers or creators from the gaming industry earn from views. And if you have a large number of views, then you will receive a large offer of advertising.

Inspirational content

The most important thing is the activity of your viewer. The algorithm promotes your video if viewers actively interact with it. Therefore, it is not in vain that all creators ask in each video to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications.

The platform also takes into account the number of views and time spent watching your video. If the algorithm notices that the video is being quickly turned off, it will stop promoting it.

Share your content on social networks, invite people to watch it and like it.

Cool Tip: If you want to promote a video on Facebook, don’t put a link in your post. Facebook does not like such posts and may not show them in the feed on purpose. Put the link in the first comment on the post.



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