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The Top BA Hons Courses to Consider

The Bachelor of Arts has always been one of the favorite bachelor’s degrees among the students of India, as after deciding to study arts at the graduation level, students can choose a study area from the different options available to them. In this blog, we will further discuss the popular Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) courses, and the best university in MP to provide the top-most BA specializations.

What is a Bachelor of Arts?

Bachelor of Arts is a three-year undergraduate program that can be pursued after completion of the 12th standard. Generally, this three-year course is available in multiple colleges and can be pursued full-time, part-time, and in a distance mode of education.

However, in a country like India, you can find endless numbers of BA honours colleges in Bhopal.

Know about the Popular BA (Hons.) courses

The BA courses are composed of multiple branches and interdisciplinary combinations which often makes it difficult for students to choose from a wide area of specialization. The list below contains some of the popular BA specializations that have been pursued over the years and still hold great importance in the current scenario.

  • BA in Political Science: The study of Political Science, in general, includes the study of the theory and practice of politics that allows you to have an in-depth knowledge of different political systems widespread across the world. It is specifically designed to provide you with a better understanding of different forms of governance and emphasize your skills in critical thinking, and further focus on your development of research skills. Maximum universities in India involve both Contemporary World Politics and Indian Politics in their study programs. Well, the key highlights of the course are the study of the History of Politics, Comparative Politics, Social Justice, Foreign Policy, Global Political Scenario, etc. In this context, the best university in MP provides an enhanced academic program of Political Science.
  • BA in English Literature: BA in English Literature is known as an intensive, and rigorous study program that caters to a variety of literary genres. This specialization lets you have a broader perspective of the subject along with an emphasis on every category of literature. Overall, the study program helps you in finding ways to properly study Drama, Poetry, Novel, History, and Prose. In its course curriculum, you will be familiar with critical analysis, finding a deep meaning, as well as interpreting the works of a writer.
  • BA in Economics: The Bachelor in Economics is specifically designed for candidates who have interests in Finance, Banking, Mathematics, and other related subjects. The best arts colleges in Bhopal offer this specialization, and the topics such as the History of the Indian Economy, Demand and Supply, National Income, Production and Supply, Inflation and Deflation, etc are included in maximum BA (Economics) academic programs. Moreover, economics as a subject primarily deals with massive data, as a result, the importance of statistics is deeply ingrained across the course curriculum.
  • BA in Sociology: The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology usually deals with the study of social satisfaction, social interaction, social relations, etc. Recently, there has been a slight increase in the number of students enrolling for this specialization, as it can open doors to interesting career options. As a whole, its curriculum enables you to appropriately understand topics like cultural sociology, collective behavior, applied sociology, and many more.
  •  BA in Geography: The subject “Geography” mainly focuses on topics like Earth, as well as its various features, phenomena, and its inhabitants. In its course curriculum, students can gather knowledge on Economic Geography, Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Map Projection. This study program can, without any doubt, assist you in developing a successful career.

The list further includes popular specializations like History, Hindi, Home Science, Rural Development, Education, Philosophy, Psychology, BALLB, Fine Arts, Religious Studies, and many more. Let us discuss some other specializations that are gaining much recognition in the present-day context-

  • BA in Media Communications- The study of media communication is best suited for candidates who desire to know more about the operations and functioning of separate mass-media platforms. The basic motive of this academic program is to equip students with creative problem-solving skills, and the important topics covered in its syllabus are- Introduction to media writing, Media Laws and Ethics, Journalism in Context and Storytelling, Cultural Diversity in the Media, Digital Basic Photography, Mobile and Digital Skills, etc.
  • BA in Public Administration- This degree can be quite advantageous for candidates willing to make a career in governmental agencies, hospital or public health management, non-governmental organizations, etc. Public Administration usually denotes the study of public dealings and organizations, administration, and constitutional framework, to familiarize you with the programs, and also policies of the democratic values of the country.
  • BA in Human Rights- As we know human rights encompass economical, cultural, and political rights like the right to life, liberty, education, and the freedom to believe, associate, mobility, Info religion, nationality, etc. And, it further encompasses equality before the law. Therefore, the BA in Human Rights is entirely based on such topics, and as a whole, the specialization attempts to provide you with the required knowledge on the same.

 Know about the Best University in MP

The Mansarovar Global University was set up in 2018 under Madhya Pradesh Niji Vishwavidyalaya (Sthapana Avam Sanchalan) adhiniyam 2007. Since its inception, the university is focused on providing a stress-free learning environment to its students for better growth and development. The university offers multiple study programs in the fields of management, science, arts and design, law, pharmacy, commerce, etc.

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of MGU

This department of Mansarovar Global University is composed of dedicated professors, and excellent researchers who ensure to provide valuable lessons, and guidance to its students. This department, however, offers courses like a Diploma in Social Work, Diploma in Community Service, Bachelor of Arts (General), Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), and Master of Arts.

And, their BA (Hons.) study program provides specializations in the following subjects:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Home Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Rural Development
  • Social Work
  • Public Administration
  • Human Rights

Moreover, the career development cell works as a backbone for the university, which completely supports the students, and prepares them for the challenging world. Due to its enormous facilities, Mansarovar Global University is considered the best university in MP.


As we can see, the study of arts overall means attaining a degree, and proper knowledge of humanities and social sciences courses. A BA (Hons.) can make you eligible to explore opportunities in multiple fields, ranging from arts, and business to science and law. If chosen properly among the different areas of BA specializations, the degree can provide you with a satisfying career.

However, Mansarovar Global University is the top private university in Bhopal that offers a wide range of BA specializations. Visit their official website today to enroll for the best BA courses.


  1. What are the various available job opportunities upon completion of a BA in History?

As history comprises the study of previous societies and cultures, it can offer you ample opportunities to work as an Archaeologist, Politician, Professor, Museum Curator, Public Relations Officer, etc. Being the best university in MP, MGU can give you proper guidance in choosing your profession.

  1. What are the important topics included in the BA LLB course?

History, Administrative Law, Sociology, Family Law, Corporate Law, Criminology, Human Rights, and related legal topics are some of the subjects offered in the BA LLB academic program.

  1. What is the average salary of a media journalist in India?

On an average basis, a media journalist usually earns around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month in India. However, the salary of such professionals completely depends on years of work experience, and other factors.

  1. Can other courses be pursued along with the BA study program?

Yes, you can pursue other courses like Business Analytics, IT to Fine Arts, Interior Designing, Advertising, Content Writing, and many more along with your BA academic program.

  1. What are the common eligibility criteria to apply for a BA program?

Maximum universities require students to complete the 10+2, or equivalent with at least 50% aggregate marks. However, the eligibility criteria might be different in all universities, and some universities also select candidates on the basis of entrance scores.



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