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5 Great Reasons To Translate Your Website

We live in a digital age where most have access to the internet. This has really made it easy for businesses to grow and get more engagements from their targets and this is done mainly through websites. Websites have become extremely important tools for individuals and businesses in this age. With a huge number of people spending most of their time online, having a great and engaging website will translate to increased traffic to the site and an increase in revenue.

Website translation

Having a well-designed website is good, but do you know that having it translated into various languages will help get more people to interact with it worldwide? According to research, it is estimated that about only 20% of the world’s population can speak, read, and understand English. So, translating your website works for you since you will increase the target audience on a big scale worldwide and this gives you an edge over other competitors who have not. Below are some of the significant reasons you should translate your website.

Your website will get a boost in traffic, and engagements, and even gain more revenue

Translating your website is a great way to expand your audience on a grand scale. In fact, having it translated into various languages makes your business or organization become a global brand. Besides increasing traffic, you make more conversions and have increased engagements with those who show interest worldwide. Also, through translating, international leads can download content, fill the forms you give easily and even reach out to your business just because they can understand the translation made. Translating your website puts you and the target audience on the same page of understanding. If one does not find your website translated to the language they understand, chances are they will never look for it again.

Your website will expand its brand reach

One way that will guarantee your company’s growth and sustain it is by targeting the global and multilingual markets. This is done by localizing your website to communicate with the global target audience or customers. By communicating with them through your website in a language they understand and can respond to increases the trust they have in your brand. And this translates to increased brand awareness on a global scale. Various statistics show international customers will take time and engage with content that matches their cultural nuances and linguistics. By doing so, you hit the jackpot to expand your brand reach globally.

Translation differentiates you from your competitors

This is one enormous benefit that will give you a clear advantage over competitors who have not adapted to translating their pages. Getting into the international market because most people can engage your content is a head start and by the time competitors adopt this, you will be far ahead in your global brand reach. By doing this, you can set standards since you are first on this and for competitors to catch up, they need to meet your set standards. Which they can’t achieve instantly.

Translate your website content to keep up with your competitors.

As a business, you need to always remain relevant in the market. If your competitors have captured the international market through translating their websites, you need to do the same in various languages to broaden your brand on a global scale too. Globalization has made it easy to provide customers with choices and other alternatives. It has become a common thing for customers to expect personalized experiences from businesses and this is done by translating material to a language they understand most. With the availability of translation services for various languages like Portuguese to English translation services that can get you into the international market quickly. you can easily catch up with competitors.

Get to enjoy SEO benefits by translating your website content.

Websites are an integral part of your business or organization. They do more than just being a platform for your business to transact and engage customers. With your online content getting engagements internationally, you reap some SEO benefits and this improves the position you hold on search ranking and traffic. By just having a multilingual website with lots of interactions, all these benefits increase significantly, giving you an enormous advantage on search engines. Content that is translated has several SEO-rich keywords that assist in discovery when a potential customer search in the language they understand.

From the above, website translation is very important and should not be thought of as an afterthought. Especially in this digital age, where customers have a lot of choices, it is essential to bring content closer to home by translating it into a language that one understands best. Localization will play a key part in your brand reach and growth.



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