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csgo professional player how is the income

Many players are curious about the income of professional csgo players. smooya once revealed that the top 10 csgo players in the world currently earn about $40,000 a month. For example , star players like s1mple and niko can earn more than $50,000 a month , ranking second in the world. The Zyw0o is about $40,000, so what about the income of most professional players in csgo? The following is an introduction to the income sources of csgo professional players. For more latest news about csgo star players, please visit .

1. Monthly salary

In csgo, the salary of professional players is paid by the team. In addition to the top 10 top professional players in the world, the next echelon of professional players , such as the main players of some first-tier teams, can have about $ 15,000 to $20,000 per month . Income , the specific income still depends on its own strength. The next echelon is the second – tier teams like GamerLegion and Copenhagen Flames , these professional players have an average income of about $5,000 per month .

2. Transfer fee

many professional players in csgo are very high, but these data are generally not disclosed to the outside world. The boss of NAVI said that disclosing these transfer offers would be a kind of harm to the team. In fact, the main reason is to If player transfer fees are exposed, it is very likely that other clubs will poach people at higher prices, leaving clubs without the opportunity to make money. There are few channels for people to know about these transfer fees, and they are not necessarily accurate.

3. Competition bonus

Various tournaments of csgo will have rich cash rewards. The competition bonus is the most unstable part of the income of professional players, and the bonus depends entirely on the team’s performance. In all csgo events, the Intel Grand Slam has a prize pool of up to $1,000,000, all of which belong to the players. From 2018 to 2020, Astralis dominated csgo and won three consecutive Major championships. In 2019, their players dev1ce, dupreeh, Xyp9x, gla1ve and Magisk have won more than one million dollars in tournament prize money . And now dupreeh’s tournament bonus is about to break through the $2 million mark, making him the highest-paid professional player in csgo history.

4. Third-party revenue

The income of professional players is not only the ones above, and often some third-party incomes are much higher, such as sponsorship share, live broadcast income and advertising are also the major income of csgo professional players . According to reliable sources , the world’s number one S1mple estimates that each You can earn about $15,772.26 a month from the livestreaming platform , which includes Twitch subscriptions, ad revenue , and brand sponsorships. Twitch is now the preferred live broadcast platform for csgo star professional players, so top players like s1mple and niko earn a lot of money on the Twitch platform , and ordinary professional players can also earn a certain amount of income through live broadcast.

The above is the whole content of how csgo professional players earn. In fact, csgo professional players earn a certain amount of income, because for these professional players, csgo is not only a game, but also their job. If you want to know more about the latest information of csgo team, please pay attention to , they will also bring you all kinds of top csgo event information and the latest news of top players.



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