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10 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do In a Weekend

Whether you’re flipping houses, looking to improve your curb appeal, or just want to refresh your home, there are literally thousands of ideas online to inspire you. Some of these bring months of disruption in the build, but here are some ideas that you can achieve in a weekend.

Freshen up that decoration !

A fresh coat of paint on neutral walls will clean up your existing look. Consider picking out the baseboards and cornice in a contrasting colour to give sharp defined lines.

If you are feeling bolder, many people are taking up the paintbrush and making a personal statement. How about a feature wall ? Pick a strong bright colour or busy patterned wallpaper for just one wall in a room and make it sing!

A period look for a room can be achieved by the careful marking out of rectangles on a plain wall, then sticking on timber mouldings to make a panel effect. Paint the inside of the panel in a different colour and you’ve created some historic ambience.

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Taking it up a notch 

These next ideas are a little more ambitious, but still perfectly possible to get the project done in a weekend given enough planning. Its worth getting a little help from a reliable home improvement contractor who can bring their expertise to turn your dreams into a reality.

Decking – whether traditional lumbar or the more modern composite Trex® type, can make a back yard into an oasis of calm. Drop in a couple of potted palms and its just crying out for that BBQ with the neighbours.

Why stop there ? Move to the front of the house and generate genuine curb appeal with the clean lines of a decked porch. It’ll  extend your house out past your threshold inviting people in. Complete the look with a bold new high gloss colour to the front door and people will be stopping just to take it all in.

Push the budget

Bigger changes can still happen in a weekend given the right preparation. Updating windows can flood a room with additional light at the same time as bringing down your fuel bills. Look for double or triple glazing to keep the heat in and the cold out. Take advantage of the different colours available for your frames that modern materials can offer.

And don’t stop at just the house. Landscaping your front yard not only adds value to your property, but gives you something to smile about every time you come home. Cut a new flower bed into your lawn and line it with boulders. Add in a feature tree or shrub and you have a classy statement. And in the backyard digging out a small pond will be hard work for the weekend, but give hours of pleasure for years to come.

The choices are all yours, but in a weekend you can make improvements big and small with a bit of imagination. So what are you waiting for ? Get planning!



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