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Five Ways Bathroom Renovations in Hornsby Add to Your House Value

One perk of living in a suburban area like Hornsby is remodelling opportunities and post-remodelling benefits. Sprucing up your living space is an excellent idea on various levels. It brings a welcome change to your life, reducing the monotony of greeting the same sight day in and day out, and also secures your future by increasing your home’s value if you ever decide to sell it.

Remodelling a house involves transforming the kitchen, bedroom, patio, storage rooms, and – an essential part of your house that needs renovation but is often overlooked – the bathroom. According to the Australian market, renovating a bathroom adds 10% value to your Hornsby home, so if you are brainstorming ideas for bathroom renovations in Hornsby, look no further!


Switching your vanity top makes your bathroom look brand new. Installing a decent-sized vanity top makes your bathroom look spacious and gives you enough space to store your toiletries. The best thing about vanity is its variety. It comes in diverse shapes, sizes, and designs, such as traditional, modern, and contemporary. A vanity top keeps your bathroom from cluttering, as you do not have to spend money installing multiple cabinets. Another benefit of vanity is that it hides your bathroom’s plumbing job, which is not a pleasant sight. Refurnishing and laminating your vanity top makes it look classy and chic.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories tend to fade away with time. The showerhead, towel stand, bathroom handle, drawer knob, etc. might become rusty and lose their polish. Investing in an overall bathroom polish to make your bathroom fittings shine and adding metallic coatings would give them an elegant and new look.

Shower Fittings

Stepping into the shower after dealing with Hornsby’s heat and looking at a greasy and old shower panel ruins your shower time, and instead of relaxing, all you can think about is the mould on the handle. With a modern and shiny shower panel, you can enhance your showering time and make your bathroom look visually stunning. In addition, installing a shower panel with an acrylic stall panel ensures the water stains do not stick to it.

Apart from a shower panel, you can also place a shower partition to ensure the water does not spread to the remainder of the bathroom. Shower partitions also clean and maintain your bathroom making, it more manageable and keeping you safe, as they stop the washroom from getting splashed and keep you from slipping and hurting yourself.

Lighting Fixtures

Your bathroom’s lighting sets its mood and overall ambience. You can either place LED bulbs above the mirror to give you extra lighting while shaving so you do not accidentally nick yourself or while putting on make-up. You can also install table lights on cabinets that give your bathroom a natural and aesthetic look.

Change Your Mirrors

Instead of having a small mirror — as convenient as it may be in terms of cleaning — install a bigger mirror. Huge mirrors make your bathroom look spacious and neat. You can pick a frame as per your preference. If a huge mirror does not appeal to you, you can position multiple small mirrors next to each other to create an illusion and make it look like a single, large mirror.

Final Thoughts

People tend to gravitate towards suburban areas for a safe, quiet, and calm lifestyle, and bathroom renovations in Hornsby houses add to their value. With slight changes to your bathroom, you can make it look as good as new!



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