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5 Countries With Top-Tier Netflix Catalogs

Netflix is the world’s second favorite streaming company with 220.67 million paid subscribers, following Disney+ with 221.1 million subscribers. However, Netflix remains the streaming king revenue-wise, thanks to its wide choice of high-quality original programs, TV shows, and movies. Although Netflix has great world-class HD movies and series, the Netflix catalog at your disposal depends on your region. Some countries offer a more extensive series selection, while others provide better directories.

Why Do Netflix Catalogs Differ Between Countries?

Netflix doesn’t own licensing rights to all the content airing. They belong to other streaming sites and TV networks. Additionally, this content streaming giant doesn’t have copyrights over all the broadcasted content ever produced. The content aired on Netflix is from different studios and creators, hence the variance in quality and variety. Typically, licensing allows streaming of this content in specific geographic locations over others. That’s the reason why Netflix’s service varies so widely all over the world. Here are five countries with the best catalogs ever and how to access them.


Japan ranks top as the country with the largest, most outstanding Netflix catalogs. A study by USwitch evaluated countries with the most-awarded and best-viewed film and TV content. The researchers summarized all IMDb scores for films and TV series directories in different countries. They further combined the scores with the award nominations and award wins.

Japan carried the day with 27,284 IMDb totals, over 19,000 award wins, and over 40,000 award nominations. It was awarded a 100 Netflix catalog score, making it the country with the best quality and most awarded Netflix TV shows and movies.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was ranked second as the region with the most-watched and highly awarded Netflix movies and TV shows. It garnered a Netflix catalog score of 97.61, emphasizing its over 28,000 nominations, 17,226 IMDb totals, and 15,000 award wins. The Czech Republic managed the second position because of its long-running top-rated films, such as The Shawshank Redemption.

The most watched Netflix Czech Republic content was action movies, comedies, and dramas. Fantasy content also had a lot of popularity among Czech Republic viewers. Locke & Key, and The King were the most viewed series. Drama and action shows, including The Umbrella Academy, The Crown, and Sex Education, also enjoyed high viewership.

South Korea

South Korea is the region with the most prestigious catalogs, with a Netflix catalog score of 94.02. It boasts 109 Oscar-winning films, including the widely celebrated Squid Game and Parasite. The South Korean Netflix catalog also includes 35 Emmy-winning shows. As of August 2022, Netflix had 5.14 million South Korean subscribers, generating up to 7.5 million dollars from South Korea alone.

Two Korean movies and 10 dramas appeared among the world’s 100 most watched movies and series in 2022. In 2021, Squid Game, a top-tier Korean survival drama series, was crowned Netflix’s most-watched content of all time. To watch top-notch South Korean Netflix catalogs, buy South Korean proxies with 99.9% uptime and excellent speeds. Visit this website to read more about use cases of South Korean proxies.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom came a distant fourth with a Netflix catalog score of 93.78. However, despite being fourth in the ranking, the United Kingdom ranked top as the region with the best Netflix TV series. It boasted trophy-winning and highly-rated shows such as Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, and Our Planet. Additionally, the United Kingdom took first place as the country with the most movies and series on its Netflix library, equaling 3,992. As per statistics, the United Kingdom has over 17 million subscribers, making it among the top 10 countries with the most subscribers.


Switzerland came fifth among Netflix countries with the best and most watched catalogs. It had the second most Oscar-awarded films and series total, 85 after South Korea’s 109. Switzerland also had the second most Emmy winners at 34. Top-rated and highly awarded movies and series that contributed to the win are Pure Hearts, Wedding Season, The Gray Man, and Day Shift.


These countries have the most-awarded and most-watched Netflix catalogs as of September 2022. Although the United States didn’t appear among the top-rated countries, it had the most Netflix catalogs. Its rating was, however, so low, considering it is Netflix’s original country. If you’re in a country where you can’t access these top-rated Netflix catalogs, don’t worry. Proxies can mask your IP and help you access these services with an IP from the country you’re interested in, enabling you to safely and reliably watch all of the Netflix catalogs your heart desires.




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