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What are natural stones?

The term “natural stones” refers to all types of stone that occur in nature. For several millennia, natural stones have been used practically due to their special properties. Even nowadays, natural stones enjoy great popularity – not only stairs, but also tiles, flagstones, paving stones, etc. are made of different types of natural stones.  What are natural stones ? What are the advantages of natural stones ? In our article you will find some useful information.

Three categories of natural stones

A wide variety of natural stone in practice means that each of us can find stone slabs, paving stones and other products that meet their needs. Natural stones, which are nowadays used in architecture and construction, are divided into three categories based on their formation:

  • Magmatites – the oldest group of natural stones, formed from molten lava. It should be emphasized that magmatites are very dense and hard. To this group belong, for example: Granite, Basalt;
  • Sediments – these natural stones originate from a younger geological epoch. Since sediments consist of deposits both in water and on land, they are softer rocks than magmatites. Sandstone and limestone belong to this group;
  • Metamorphic rocks – these natural rocks, which originate from the most recent geological epoch, were formed during the formation of mountain ranges – in this process sediment transformation occurred. The group includes slate and marble.

Natural stones and their application

Having understood what natural stones are and what are their distinct types, you might be interested in knowiing what are their applications. Search no more. Here we have listed down some of the applications of natural stones that will help you understand the importance of natural stones.

Marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc. allow you to customize flooring both indoors and on the terrace or in the garden. However, natural stone can also be applied in other ways.  Different types of natural stone also have different properties. Limestones and sandstones, for example, are often used as building materials. Slates, basalts or granites are perfect for wall coverings. Stone panels, polygonal slabs, elegant tiles made of natural stone – with these and many other products you can make your home or garden more elegant.

Natural stone slabs can also refine your bathroom or kitchen. Furthermore, stylish countertops made of natural stone are becoming increasingly popular.  Decorative natural stone window sills are installed in both classically and modernly furnished houses.

It is also a natural material that can form a harmonious whole with gardens in all imaginable styles. Various types of natural stone cladding are used in the form of decking, garden walls, garden paths, etc. This natural, timeless material is also used to make covers for swimming pools.

Natural stones, what is it? – You already know the answer to the question. It is really no coincidence that different types of natural stone are so popular for interior and exterior use. Get these stones installed on the exterior of your building to improve the outlook of your house.



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